MagnaFlux Magnaglo 14AM Oil-Based Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Suspension (01-0145)

    MagnaFlux Magnaglo 14AM Oil-Based Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Suspension
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    Magnaflux Magnaglo 14AM is a ready-to-use, prepared magnetic particle suspension liquid for locating very fine discontinuities in critical parts by offering clear, bright, fluorescent green indications for superior and accurate detection of flaws.

    High-performance Magnaglo 14AM combines Magnaflux’s industry-best 14A magnetic particles with Carrier II NDT-approved suspension oil for fast, repeatable mag particle testing which requires less maintenance.

    Magnaglo 14AM is best suited for high-performance inspections of components under high-stress or precision safety-critical parts. The suspension will also extend the life of valuable mag particle equipment.

    Magnaglo 14AM meets all major industry and NDT specification requirements, including Aerospace, ASTM and ISO 9934.


    • Increases indication detection with 14A particles: Find smaller, finer indications in critical applications using the highly sensitive, strong ferromagnetic 14A particle
    • Minimizes inspection time: Minimal background fluorescence help indications stand out more so inspectors need to spend less time examining each part. Increases inspection speed and reliability by quickly wetting the entire test surface.
    • Improve inspection consistency and reliability: Maintain magnetic particle system performance over greater periods of time thanks to the highly-durable, easily-dispersed 14A fluorescent particles
    • Decreases maintenance: Magnetic particle baths last longer due to slow evaporation, and is less susceptible to contamination from bacteria or fungus
    • Convenient & versatile: Can be used for virtually all magnetic particle inspections with conformance to all major international magnetic particle testing specifications

    Applications: Magnaglo® 14AM is used to locate fine surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities such as: inclusions, seams, shrink cracks, tears, laps, flakes, welding defects, grinding cracks, quenching cracks and fatigue cracks.

     Due to shipping regulations, aerosols must ship via ground delivery.


    • Ready-to-use
    • Low maintenance, oil-based suspension
    • High sensitivity
    • Excellent fluorescent contrast
    • Excellent particle mobility
    • Optimized particle size and shape distribution
    • Durable particles
    • Good dispersion stability
    • Available in a variety of different formats
    • Protects parts and equipment against corrosion
    • Provides superior wetting and surface coverage
    • Low maintenance oil-based suspension
    • Very low toxicity
    • High flash point



    Specifications Compliance

    • AMS 2641
    • AMS 3046
    • ASTM E709
    • ASTM E1444
    • ISO 9934
    • MIL-STD-2132
    • MIL-STD-271
    • NAVSEA 250-1500-1