MagnaFlux Magnaglo 14A Aqua-Glo (01-1725)

    MagnaFlux Magnaglo 14A Aqua-Glo
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    **NOTE: MFG does not have Inventory of Aerosol, Case of 12 (01-1725-78), currently replaced with the 1 Gallon, Case of 4 (01-1725-35) Subject to changes**

    Magnaglo® 14A Aqua-GloTM is a prepared liquid solution of 14A Fluorescent Powder, water, conditioning agents, corrosion inhibitors and carbon dioxide propellant.

    Magnaglo® 14A Aqua-GloTM is designed to offer the benefits of a water bath in a convenient ready to use aerosol form. Ideally suited for applications where portability is required, and flammability is a concern.

    Specifications Compliance: ASTM E 1444, ASTM E-709, NAVSEA 250-1500-1, ASME

    Applications: Magnaglo® 14A Aqua-GloTM is used to locate fine surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities such as: inclusions, seams, shrink cracks, tears, laps, flakes, welding defects, grinding cracks, quenching cracks and fatigue cracks.

     Due to shipping regulations, aerosols must ship via ground delivery.