Combustion & Inert Gas Fusion Analyzers CS/ONH

Combustion, Inert Gas Fusion (IGF) and diffusible hydrogen analyzers offer rapid and precise elemental analysis of carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. Berg Engineering is proud to represent Bruker's leading technology in these areas.

Combustion Analyzers

Combustion analyzers measure Carbon and Sulfur in a large variety of solid materials quickly and accurately. Notably, the Bruker G4 ICARUS Series 2 analyzer with a high frequency (HF) induction furnace uses ZoneProtect, an innovative combustion design, with a completely automatic cleaning system with vacuum-free dust removal. This technology offers outstanding performance coupled with low maintenance requirements.

Inert Gas Infusion ONH Analyzers

To determine the concentrations of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen in metals and other inorganic materials, Bruker machines, like the G6 LEONARDO, use the inert gas fusion method (IGF) for elemental analysis. The process of analyzing a sample involves fusing it in a graphite crucible at high temperatures with a carrier gas flow and the extracted gases are passed through detectors for analysis. The G6 LEONARDO answers the industry need for a powerful, accurate and cost-effective elemental analysis using SampleCare and pre-calibrated standard methods. If you are looking for a high-end analyzer that is highly flexible with high-throughput and mass spectrometric detection capabilities, we recommend the G8 GALILEO.

Diffusable Hydrogen Analyzers

We also offer the specialized diffusible hydrogen analyzer G4 PHOENIX DH which is the ideal offering for accurate and rapid diffusible hydrogen measurement to avoid embrittlement, hydrogen-induced cracking and other costly failures in materials.

Sales & Technical Support Inquiries

If you need sales or technical assistance with your CS/ONH analyzer, please contact one of our factory-trained Berg Engineering sales engineers by calling 847-577-3980 or email

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Bruker G4 PHOENIX Diffusible Hydrogen Analyzer

Bruker G4 PHOENIX Diffusible Hydrogen Analyzer

Description: State of the art diffusible hydrogen analyzer that provides accurate and reliable measurements.


Product Code: G4-PHOENIX

Bruker G6 LEONARDO Inert Gas Fusion Analyzer

Bruker G6 LEONARDO Inert Gas Fusion Analyzer

Description: A reliable and economical gas fusion analyzer used to detect Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen elements.


Product Code: G6-LEONARDO

Bruker G4 ICARUS Series 2 Carbon and Sulfur Combustion Analyzer

Bruker G4 ICARUS Series 2 Carbon and Sulfur Combustion Analyzer

Description: Utilizes a high-frequency induction furnace, ZoneProtect and HighSense to analyze Carbon and Sulfur gases.


Product Code: G4-ICARUS

Bruker G8 GALILEO High End ONH Analyzer

Bruker G8 GALILEO High End ONH Analyzer

Description: This high-end analyzer is designed for precise determination of Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen.


Product Code: G8-GALILEO

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