Berg Rebound Tester Portable Hardness Tester w/D Probe (RT-1H)

    Berg Rebound Tester Portable Hardness Tester w/D Probe



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    The Rebound Tester 1H is a Leebs type portable hardness tester which is equipped to handle most metal portable hardness testing applications. The 1H is designed for work in the harshest environments.

    Application Ranges

    • Large test pieces which cannot be measured with floor or bench type hardness testers
    • Good for testing all metal parts with a minimum wall thickness or inspection area of 1”
    • Test pieces with non parallel sides
    • Curved parts
    • Clients whom need the ability to travel with equipment
    • Testing installed parts

    Rebound Tester 1H Package Includes:

    • Rebound Tester 1H Electronic Indicating Device
    • D Type Probe, Probe Cable, D Impact Body, Nylon Cleaning Brush (Part#RT-D300A)
    • D Type Calibration Block (Part#DB300a)
    • USB Cable(RT-USB1)
    • Software (or link to free download)
    • Plastic Carrying Case
    • Set of Alkaline Batteries
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • ISO17025 Certificate of Calibration


    • Conforms to ASTM-A956
    • DIN 50156
    • ASME CRTD-91




    • Easy to read 126x64 LCD display
    • Converts to HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HRA, and HS Scales
    • Test in any direction
    • Light weight
    • Easy to use
    • Software and cable included for download to PC
    • On board memory
    • Operates with 2ea. standard AA Alkaline batteries
    • Rugged aluminum housing
    • Sealed membrane keypad
    • Backlight display for work in poor light areas


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