Bruker Q8 MAGELLAN High-End Optical Emission Spectrometer (Q8-MAGELLAN)

    Bruker Q8 MAGELLAN High-End Optical Emission Spectrometer

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    The Bruker Q8 MAGELLAN is an advanced spark spectrometer for elemental analysis of metals. The Q8 MAGELLAN is the only vacuum-spectrometer featuring new-generation photomultipliers, digital plasma generator, unlimited single-spark and time resolution, and a heavy duty low-maintenance spark stand with co-axial argon flow. All of these ingredients make the Q8 the best elemental analyzer for the metal producing and processing industries.

    There have been numerous advancements on the Q8 MEGELLAN including: 

    • Improved optical properties
    • Enhanced analytical capabilities
    • Extended maintenance intervals
    • One-button operation for quick and easy handling
    • New instrument design
    • Simplified servicing

    Easy To Use

    The Q8 offers users easy operation with a pneumatic sample clamp and a self-centering spark stand plate. The Q8 also allows users to analyze materials without using a mouse or keyboard but with a touchscreen instead. ELEMENTAL.SUITE provides users with color-coded information that specifically grades user's samples. The sample's grade includes internal/external limits, a match code, reference to international norms, and version control. 

    Co-Axial Argon Flow

    The co-axial argon flow has been designed to further improve performance. Argon is centered right on the burn spot, where it is needed. This design also allows the use of ArgonStop® to switch off argon flow during stand-by which saves users on gas consumption. ArgonStop® dramatically improves analytical performance, particularly on small samples and thin wires. A new flow cycle flush condensate out of the chamber, enables users to run thousands of samples in many models without the need to open the spark stand plate.


    With the configurable analytical channels and the widest Rowland segment, the Q8 combines flexibility with the certified advantages of a single-optic vacuum system.

    A vast choice of applications are available for Q8 MAGELLAN:

    • Single or multi-base applications
    • Trace Analysis
    • Metal Alloys 
    • Virtually any metal analysis requirement


    The Q8 calibration software grants users access to all calibration information. This software is also used with factory calibration to provide a full list of features spanning from regression wizard to automatic calculation of inter-element effects.

    For post-analytical data treatment, the SQL database application presents everything users require:

    • Archive 
    • Statistics
    • Filters
    • Views
    • Reporting
    • Office export
    • AuditTrail
    • Much more


    • Low detection limits due to PMT+TRS+digital source
    • Innovative analytical techniques
    • Simple, yet comprehensive software package including spectrometer software, calibration, and SQL database
    • Long service and maintenance intervals due to AutoCleaning
    • Low operation costs due to Argon Stop
    • Excellent long-term stability
    • Innovative service concept with online support and preventive maintenance
    • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)


    Technical Data
    Optical System Paschen-Runge mount: 750 mm
    Wavelength range: 110 nm – 800 nm
    Photomultiplier detectors
    Single-vacuum optic
    Read-out System Time-resolved reading of single sparks
    Individually adjustable integration windows for all analytical channels with simultaneous
    acquisition of each single spark
    Scalable and microprocessor controlled read-out system
    Integrators are matched to detector characteristics
    High-speed data aquisition board with a sampling rate up to 250 kHz
    Instrument Control Use of LAN (TCP/IP) between PC and instrument as well as for all instrument internal communication
    Source Digital generation of any discharge curve
    Current curve by programmable logic modules
    Maintenance-free, inductive ignition, integrated emergency stop
    Maintenance-free, inductive ignition
    Discharge time 10 μs to 2 ms
    max. 200 A peak current
    max. 1000 Hz spark sequence
    ELEMENTAL.SUITE Analysis software with integrated single spark evaluation
    Material quality monitoring with dynamic internal and external limit check
    Material identification of unknown samples
    Integrated analysis management using SQL data base
    Comprehensive statistic evaluation, SPC charts (option)
    Email-supported reporting system
    Integrated systems for diagnosis and maintenance via internet or telephone provide efficient service at short term
    Electrical Data 230 V -15% / +10% or 115 V -15% / +10% (50/60 Hz)
    950 W during measurement, 350 W standby
    16 A slow blow fuse or 25 A slow blow fuse
    Weights & Dimensions 970 x 1050 x 1350 mm / 38 x 41 x 53“ (W x H x D)
    Weight 300 kg / ~ 660 lbs.