Bruker Q4 TASMAN Advanced CCD Optical Emission Spectrometer (Q4-TASMAN)

    Bruker Q4 TASMAN Advanced CCD Optical Emission Spectrometer

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    The Bruker Q4 TASMAN Advanced CCD Based Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metal Analysis provides accurate and fast measurements by using the latest state-of-the-art technologies. Bruker's innovative solutions make the Q4 TASMAN OES system entirely suitable for a variety of applications. 


    Compared to any other conventional system, the Q4 TASMAN features shorter measurement cycles. The Q4 achieves this through performing readout scans on CCDs up to 30 times faster than before. Overall, users will attain higher dynamic ranges with shorter measurement times to improve efficiency and profitability.


    The optical system is an important part of a spectrometer, which is why Bruker uses ClearSpectrum technology in its Paschen-Runge mounting. The combination of high-resolution CCDs with the latest firmware provides outstanding measurement from a compact design. Spectra deconvolution and evaluation are covered by a duo of firmware and software. Users are only required to place the sample in position and press the start button! 


    Co-axial argon flow puts the gas at the burn spot, eliminating the need for a standby flow. In addition, when applying adapters, you can analyze small samples and wires. 


    The Q4 TASMAN offers a dedicated solution for all of your analytical tasks. Analytical Solution Packages (ASP) are available per: 

    • Matrix 
    • Elements 
    • Calibrations 
    • Alloys 
    • Many more 


    • Q4 TASMAN 200 – Suited for all non-ferrous applications where UV elements are not required.
    • Q4 TASMAN 170 – For ferrous applications with important elements in the UV spectral range (C, P, S, As, Sn, B, etc.).
    • Q4 TASMAN 130 – The most powerful model of the series, it is capable of analyzing even deep-UV elements like nitrogen, oxygen.


    • Proven co-axial argon flow combines analytically optimized flows with reduced consumption. More accuracy can be achieved by analyzing small samples.
    • CCD-based spectrometer features ClearSpectrum technology
    • Analytical Solution Packages (ASP) provide turnkey solutions for your applications
    • Less downtime with automatic control and diagnosis functions lead to higher availability

    New ELEMENTAL.SUITE OES software, designed for maximum usability, with handy features and supportive functions:

    • Routine operation with Automatic Method Finding (AMF)
    • Professional reporting system for customized analysis reports and pre-configured grade library
    • Comprehensive user and access management
    • Designed for both desktop and touchscreen operation
    • ELEMENTAL.SUITE Results Publishing (ESRP) system for exporting analysis results


    Technical Data
    Optical System Multi-detector optics
    Robust Paschen-Runge mounting
    ClearSpectrum technology
    Highest spectral sensitivity
    Models Q4 TASMAN 200    λ: 200 - 620 nm
    Q4 TASMAN 170    λ: 170 - 620 nm
    Q4 TASMAN 130    λ: 130 - 620 nm
    Source Generator Maintenance-free, two phase PWM generator
    Frequency 50 to 1000 Hz
    Discharge time from 10 μs to 2 ms
    ELEMENTAL.SUITE Intuitive Windows® based software for simple routine operation
    Various user levels for secure and task-specific operation
    Functions for qualitative and quanitative analysis:
    ELEMENTAL.SUITE OES software including analysis database and interfaces to Microsoft Office® software
    Quality libraries with version control 
    Analytical Solution Packages (ASP) Available for all common matrices
    All relevant alloying elements
    Calibrations for all grade/alloy groups
    Electrical Data 100 to 240 V (50/60 Hz)
    600 W during measurement, 50 W standby
    16 A (240 V) slow blow fuse or 25 A (100 V) slow blow fuse 
    Weights and Dimensions Width 540 mm / 21.26 inch
    Height 685 mm / 26.96 inch
    Depth 820 mm / 32.28 inch
    Weight ~ 75 kg / ~165 lbs