Sames Kremlin Pressure Pots (PRESSURE-POTS)

    Sames Kremlin Pressure Pots

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    Sames Kremlin Pressure Pots are for use with the Nanogun. These airspray tanks are made of stainless steel (2L is aluminum and 10L is carbon steel) to stand up to rough conditions in the field. User-friendly and easy to maintain, the Sames Kremlin Pressure Pots have a wide variety of options to further meet application needs. One option features a lube-free agitator to prevent particles from settling at the bottom. Other options include a top or bottom outlet and single or dual regulator.

    Sizes of Pressure Pot are: 2.5 gal, 1 gal (4L), 3 gal (10L), 5 gal (20L), and 13 gal (50L). All Sames Kremlin Pressure Pots are ATEX, ASME, and CE certified.



    Air Inlet 1/4" NPS
    Air Outlet (to gun) 1/4" NPS
    Air Consumption 1.14 m³/h (0.67 cfm)
    Maximum Pressure From 3.5 to 7 Bar
    Capacity from 1 gal (2L) to 13 gal (50L)
    Air Regulator 1 per Tank
    Max Fluid Temperature 45°C (113°F)
    Motor Type 3 Radial Pistons

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