Sames Kremlin Nanogun Electrostatic Sprayer (SK-910017221-072)

    Sames Kremlin Nanogun Electrostatic Sprayer

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    The Sames Kremlin Nanogun Electrostatic Sprayer features a lightweight and ergonomic design for spraying liquid solvent-based materials at low pressures. The Nanogun's high transfer efficiency saves paint while providing optimal coverage. 

    The Nanogun is ideal for applications in the construction, agriculture, energy, transportation, wood, metallic furniture, and aerospace industries. This lightweight electrostatic sprayer utilizes a wide range viscosity to conserve paint and save the operator time during application.



    Model SK-910017221-072
    Maximum Fluid Pressure 120/200 bar (1740/2900 psi)
    Recommended Fluid Pressure 50-120/90-200 bar (720-1740/1300-2900 psi)
    Maximum Fluid Outlet 1230 cc/min (42 oz/min)
    Minimum Fluid Outlet 100 cc/min (5 oz/min)
    Maximum Air Pressure 7 bar (101 psi)
    Recommended Air Pressure (min) 5 bar (72 psi)
    Transfer Efficiency 93%
    Maximum Fluid Temperature 40°C (104°F)
    Trigger Lock Safety Yes
    Recommended Material Viscosity Range 20-120 s CA4
    High Voltage (maximum) 60kV
    Current 80 µA
    Weight 670 g (23.6 oz)
    ATEX Certification II 2 G 0.24 mJ
    GNM6080 : II (2) G [0.24 mJ]

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