Sonoglide UP GR10

    Sonotech Sonoglide UP GR10



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    REPLACED with 82-901 Sonoglide FE 20

    SonoGlide® UP (Ultra Pure) is compatible with titanium, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, plastics, and many magnesium alloys. For use with food processing machinery and pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage equipment. SonoGlide UP should be used where low levels of Halogens and Sulfur are critical and/or where superior temperature range and very slow drying characteristics are desired. For all non-ferrous metals (except magnesium), plastics and most composites

    SonoGlide UP reduces potential skin irritation caused by the ferrous corrosion inhibitor in SonoGlide FE.

    SonoGlide UP grades 10, 20 and 40 have been tested and approved to:

    • Hot corrosion testing on High Temperature Alloys AMS 5544 (Waspalloy), 5536 (Hastelloy X), 6359 (Ferrous based alloys), 4037 (Aluminum), 5608 (Haynes 188), 5508 (Greek Ascoloy) and 4375 (Magnesium), and has been tested for composite shear modulus, aircraft aluminum corrosion and composite adhesion.
    • Pratt and Whitney PWA 36700/36604, MCL E-205 Type II, Stress Corrosion Cracking testing on Titanium Alloys or ASTM F945.



    • Extended drying time
    • Broad operating range
    • Water soluble
    • Low through high viscosity liquid couplant
    • Provides excellent lubrication
    • Self-leveling provides fast, easy spreading over large areas
    • Compatible with plastics and will not harden on transducers or instruments
    • Environmentally benign