Sonotech Sonoglide FE GR20 (MF-82)

    Sonotech Sonoglide FE GR20



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    REPLACES 85-901 Sonoglide UP 10

    SonoGlide® is a recommended for use in flaw detection on smooth surfaces such as boilers, aircraft, turbine rotors, tank cars, finished bar stock and machined forgings or in thickness gaging where a thin liquid film of ultrasonic couplant is desired. Two grades of SonoGlide are now available from Sonotech - SonoGlide FE for ferrous metals and SonoGlide UP for all other materials including food processing equipment. A superior replacement for propylene glycol and glycerine, SonoGlide is slow drying and will not harden on transducers. SonoGlide provides superior acoustic properties, an extended drying time, and excellent transducer lubrication at a broad temperature range.

    SonoGlide® FE remains stable on corroded or salt covered surfaces and is recommended for use with cast iron, plastics, steel and its alloys. SonoGlide FE was developed for ferrous metals where short-term corrosion is a concern. SonoGlide FE remains stable on corroded or salt covered surfaces and is useful for boiler inspections when salt cake is present. Corrosion Inhibition: There is low short-term corrosion potential with SonoGlide FE on cast iron, steel, and its alloys.


    • Extended drying time
    • Broad operating range
    • Water soluble
    • Low through high viscosity liquid couplant
    • Provides excellent lubrication
    • Self-leveling provides fast, easy spreading over large areas
    • Compatible with plastics and will not harden on transducers or instruments
    • Environmentally benign