MagnaFlux EV6000 UV-LED Light (MF-625784)

    MagnaFlux EV6000 UV-LED Light
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    The Magnaflux EV6000 LED UV lamp is a lightweight UV lamp used in fluorescent non-destructive testing including fluorescent penetrant testing and fluorescent magnetic particle inspections. The EV6000 hand-held lamp leverages UV-A radiation generated from special high-performance LEDs that are focused through custom-designed optics to provide the largest irradiated area available on the market. The EV6000's beam is 9" (23 cm) wide and is 33% wider than competing hand-held UV lamps, without the hot-spots. A high-intensity, even UV-A beam covers the inspection area and makes indications clearly visible by leveraging custom-designed optics. The unit also has an integrated filter that minimizes light emissions.

    The EV6000 is a durable unit, with a lens that does not solarize and an advanced cooling system with no fan, making it lighter than other units and reducing arm strain (30% lighter than a mercury-vapor lamp). In addition, the EV6000 is an environmentally friendly UV lamp due to its low energy consumption. The EV6000 lamp can be used for virtually any fluorescent penetrant or magnetic particle inspection NDT environment because each one is individually certified to meet or exceed ASTM E3022 and Aerospace Prime & OEM specifications, including RRES 90061.

    All EV6000s meet or exceed all current specifications for fluorescent liquid penetrant and magnetic particle testing and ship with a manufacturer's certificate of conformance.

    Beam Profile




    • 9" (23 cm) wide, uniform circular beam
    • No hot-spots in the beam profile
    • Rugged, durable design
    • Fanless Cooling System
    • Low energy consumption
    • Aerospace prime and OEM certified
    • Improved operator and environmental safety
    • Certified to ASTM / RRES / NADCAP



     Maximum Irradiance at 15" (38 cm)

     5,000 μW/cm2

     Peak Wavelength

     365 ±5 nm

     Typical Beam Profile At 15" (38 cm)

     Circular spot, 9" (23 cm) diameter, > 1,000 μW/cm2 UV-A intensity

     Excitation Irradiance (347-382 nm)

     ≥ 2,000 μW/cm2

     Working Distances


    RRES 90061

     Min. WD ≤ 6" (13 cm)

    Min. WD = 15" (38 cm)

    Max. WD = 36" (92 cm)

     Typical Visible Emission


    RRES 90061

    range (390-800 nm)

     ≤ 2 ft-candles*

    ≤ 20 lux at 15 " (38 cm)
    (min. WD)

    ≤ 5 lux at 36" (92 cm) 
    (max. WD)

     Stabilization Time (ambient conditions)

     5 minutes

     Lamp Cord Length

     17 ft / 5.18 m

     Power Supply Cord Length

     9 ft / 2.75 m


     2 lb / 0.9 kg

     Power In

     100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz / < 1 A

     Specification Compliance

     ASTM E2297
    ASTM E3022
    ISO 3059
    RRES 90061

     Fluorescent Penetrant Testing Specifications / Standards:

    ASTM E165
    ASTM E1417
    ASTM F601
    ISO 3452
    NADCAP AC7114/1

     Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing Specifications / Standards:

    ASTM E709
    ASTM E1444
    ASTM E3024
    ISO 9934
    NADCAP AC7114/2


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