Sensor Networks Jaws 2.0 (Jaws-2.0)

    Sensor Networks Jaws 2.0

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    The JAWS 2.0 unit is designed to swap out end-effectors for use in a wide variety of situations. Not only does the unit efficiently retrieve foreign objects, but the wide range of attachments allows for a much broader use for the JAWS unit, such as sampling and instrument placement.
    It is easy to use, robust, submersible, and works in any industrial environment. JAWS 2.0 is available as a basic kit or as part of an ultimate loose-parts retrieval kit.


    • aircraft-grade aluminum body

    • stainless steel jaws

    • halogen-free polyurethane cable jacket compact

    • fits through 1.5” (38mm) openings

    •fits through 4“ (100mm) diameter elbows capable

    • jaws open 2.75” (70mm)

    • tool submerges to 100’ (30m)

    • system deploys anywhere on batteries (12 Vdc, 15W NiMH)


    Additional Info

    Connected via 50′ TPE cable, the JAWS2.0™ unit is controlled with a wired controller that features both movability and visual. This all-in-one device helps users to locate objects and quickly and easily remove them, without the need for additional retrieval and monitoring equipment.

    The JAWS 2.0™ controller sports a 5” (127 mm) Industrial-grade 1080p HD (1920×1080 pixel) color and sunlight-readable display with a hardened glass face. Sensor Networks Inc. pushes to make the JAWS unit easy to operate and built ready to go. The controller is battery-operated with a 4-6 hour battery life, a built-in life save function and a quick recharge time of 2 hours.


    Jaws types available are

    • short serrated jaws
    • Fork and tine
    • Flat serrated jaws
    • sampling cups
    • curved serrated jaws
    • tool adapter needle-nose jaws