Proceq Equotip Support Rings (EQUOTIP-SUPPORT-RINGS)

    Proceq Equotip Support Rings
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    The Proceq Equotip Support Rings assist in stablizing the probe on the test piece, providing more reliable and accurate readings. Proceq Support Rings, designed to allow the probe to rest perpendicularly against the test surface, are for use on flat, cylindrical, spherical, and recessed parts.

    Flat Support Rings

    Flat Support Rings for D, DC, C, E, and S Impact Bodies are ideal for use in most common test situations. 

    The outside diameter for the D6A Support Ring is 13.5mm. The 19.5mm OD support ring D6 can be used down to a minimum test surface curvature of R = 60 mm. Two Support Rings, 19.5 mm (G6a) and 29.5 mm OD (G6), are available for the G Impact Body.

    Cylindrical Support Rings

    For testing cylindrical objects like boilers and pipes, Z and HZ Support Rings are perfect. These cylindrical Support Rings can be rotated with a grub screw to find an optimal position in relation to the test piece and the impact body. Measuring radii for the cylindrical Support Rings are 10 - 15mm, 11 - 13mm, 12.5 - 17mm, 14.5 - 30mm, 16.5 - 30mm, and 25 - 50mm.

    Spherical Support Rings

    For hollow or spherical applications, Spherical Support Rings K and HK offer a solution. These Support Rings are symetrical around the guide tube, removing the need for alignment. Measurement ranges for spherical radius are 10 - 15mm, 11 - 13mm, 12.5 - 17mm, 14.5 - 30mm, and 16.5 - 30mm.

    Recessed Support Rings

    For applications in recesses like the base between gear teeth, the DL long tip system is ideal. This solution is an impact body and support ring combination.

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