Zetec Dynaray/Dynaray Lite Ultra-high Performance Phased Array UT Instruments (DYNARAY-DYNARAYLITE)

    Zetec Dynaray/Dynaray Lite Ultra-high Performance Phased Array UT Instruments

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    DYNARAY® instrument sets the highest performance standard for phased array UT technology.

    Delivering unparalleled power and versatility, DYNARAY is optimized for inspections requiring 2D matrix arrays probes, long sound paths, low-frequency probes and complex geometries

    DYNARAY offers advanced data acquisition and analysis. It can dynamically adapt focal laws to conduct inspections on complex surfaces. The unique 3-D environment provides all the tools necessary for the creation of components, data analysis and visualization. Additionally, it can generate optimized acoustic beams through complex inspection surfaces.

    No matter how challenging the inspection, DYNARAY delivers. The high data throughput helps eliminate any hardware speed limitations and can increase scanning speed. Plus DYNARAY instruments are capable of handling data files up to 20 GB and 16-bit resolution signals so no inspection configuration is too challenging.


    2-D Matrix Array Technology

    • Up to 256 simultaneously active elements and
    • up to 512 channels in total

    Speed Counts

    • High data throughput, up to 20 MB/s

    Wide Range of Probe Frequencies

    • Drives low-frequency array probes (down to 0.5 MHz)

    Flexible Inspection Setup

    • Up to 4,096 different focal laws with position dependent configuration for superior inspection quality on complex surfaces

    3-D Work Environment

    • Controlled by UltraVision® offering 3-D work environment for creation of components and data visualization


    Power Requirements

    Voltage: 120 VAC or 240 VAC

    Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz

    Maximum power: 1500 VA, Fuse 250 V

    slow blow; 6 A at 240 V, 15 A at 120 V

    Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)
    Storage Temperature Range: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
    Relative Humidity: 95%, non-condensing

    Size (H x W X D) 394 × 366 × 470 mm
    15.5 × 14.4 × 18.5 in
    244 × 358 × 445 mm
    9.6 × 14.1 × 17.5 in
    Weight 27 kg (59lb) for 128/128
    32 kg (71lb) for 256/256
    13.5 kg (30 lb)
    Air Intake Yes Yes
    Battery Operation No No
    Phased Array Connector up to 4 Hypertronics 2 Hypertronics
    Phased Array Channels 64/64PR
    64/256 PR
    128/128 PR
    256/256 PR
    64/64 PR
    UT Channels 16 16
    Digitizing Frequency up to 100 MHz up to 100 MHz
    Amplitude Resolution
    Phased Array signal
    8 or 16-bit 8 or 16 bit
    Network Interface Ethernet 1000 Base-T Ethernet 1000 Baes-T
    Maximum PRF 30 kHz 30 kHz
    Global Data Throughput 20 MB/sec 20MB/sec
    Max. Pulser Voltage (50 Ω) 200V 200V
    Bandwidth (-3 dB) from 0.25 to 20 MHz from 0.25 to 20 MHz
    Real-time Data Compression Yes Yes
    Rectification Digital Digital
    Filtering  Analog/Digital (FIR) Analog/Digital (FIR)
    Smoothing (video filter)  Digital  Digital
    Self-Diagnostics  Yes Yes
    Dynamic Depth Focusing (DDF) Yes Yes
    # Focal Laws 4096 4096
    A-scan length up to 256,000 up to 256,000
    Recording rate
    A-scans (512 samples)
    20,000 16-bit or 40,000
    8-bit A-scan/s
    20,000 16-bit or 40,000
    8-bit A-scan/s
    Amplifier  LIN, LOG (processed) LIN, LOG (processed)
    Encoder Interfaces Quadrature & Differential Quadrature & Differential
    Software Control  UltraVision UltraVision


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