Wilson Tukon 2100B Knoop/Vickers Tester (9100330)

    Wilson Tukon 2100B Knoop/Vickers Tester

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    The Tukon 2100B Knoop/Vickers Hardness Tester offers precision and accuracy unparalleled to its competitors. This instrument contains a modular turret design for varying configurations of objectives and indenters, as well as an industry-leading test force range of 10 gf – 50 kgf. The Tukon 2100B offers a solution to the most complicated of applications by means of its optional dual load cell capability, intuitive LCD control panel and unique specimen illumination settings. Also available for this instrument in a variety of offerings is the Wilson® Instruments Minuteman ELT™ automation platforms that further augment the capabilities of the Tukon 2100B Knoop/Vickers Hardness Tester.


    • Durable, integrated digital fi lar eyepiece for precise manual measurements
    • Intuitive user interface design for easy test method set up. Displays hardness diagonals, results, statistics,
      conversions, and more
    • Manual or motorized five position turret
    • Wide variety of XY-Stages available to accommodate varying sample sizes and test forces
    • Unique design allows 10gf - 50 kgf on a single frame
    • Automatic test cycle
    • Overload protection
    • Actuator interface for complete system control


    • Steels, non-ferrous metals, IC wafer
    • Thin plastics, metallic foils, platings, coatings, surface layers, laminated metals
    • Effect of heat treatment
    • Hardness depths of carburized layer
      • Cemented carbide, ceramics, steels, non-ferrous metals
      • Thin plates, metallic foils, plating, miniature objects
      • Hardness resulting from welding or deposition


    Hardness Scales Vickers and Knoop
    Load Range 10 gf - 50 kgf
    Test Force Application Load Cell
    Accuracy +/-1.5%<200 gf, +/-1%>200 gf
    Load Control Load CellAutomatic
    Dwell Time ASTM E384 10 Sec Standard and Variable 0.1 - 999 seconds
    Turret 5 Postion, 288 deg. Motorized or Manual Rotation
    Eyepiece Magnification 10X
    Objectives 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 50X 100X
    Total Magnification 2 40X, 100X, 200X, 400X, 500X, 1000X
    Light Filter Green, Blue, Grey, and Polarized
    Light Source 12V 30W Halogen
    Display Length of Diagonal, Hardness, Converted Value, Test Force (N or kg)
    Data Output Adjustable Bi-Directional RS232C, I/O Port TTL
    Statistics Total Test, Highest Hardness, Lowest Hardness, Range, Standard Deviation, Average
    Conversion ASTM E140, ASTM A370, DIN 50150
    Loading Speed Variable, User-Defined
    Jog Speed 500 mm/min
    Operating Temperature Range: 10 - 38C (50 - 100F)
    Dimensions 952 mm (37.5 in), 330 mm (13 in) 597 mm (23.5 in)
    Weight 68 kg (150 lbs)
    Humidity 10 - 90% Non-Condensing
    Power Requirements 100 VAC, 120 VAC, 220 VAC, 240 VAC, 50/ 60 cycle single phase
    Power 2 370 W
    Application Coatings, Welds, Heat Treatment, QC, R&D, Laboratory



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