FW Bell 5182 Gauss Meter DC-25 kHz - Domestic AC Adapter - Transverse Probe (415182)

    FW Bell 5182 Gauss Meter DC-25 kHz - Domestic AC Adapter - Transverse Probe



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    The FW Bell 5182 Gauss Meter reflects the most recent design in magnetic measuring equipment. It utilizes digital signal processing technology, a world first, along with a dynamic probe correction which allows measurements from 0 - 30 kG with a basic accuracy of 1.1%. Applications with these CE compliant meters can range from sensitive laboratory environments to rugged industrial settings. User prompts on the custom formatted LCD allow fast, simple push button operation. The 5182 Gauss Meter includes a laboratory-friendly, 2" transverse probe (STD18-0402) and a domestic AC adapter. The 5182 also features a corrected analog output (±3V FS) and a USB communication port (1 sample/second).

    The 5100 Series allows the user to choose between Gauss, Tesla, or Ampere/meter readings. This series also features an auto-zeroing function, auto range, relative mode, and min./max./peak hold. The 5100 Series Gauss Meters include a built-in software that eliminates the need for complex calibration procedures. The custom-formatted LCD user prompts facilitate ease of operation. 


    • Transverse Probe and Zero Gauss Chamber
    • USB Communication Port (1 sample/second)
    • Best accuracy in its class
    • Universal Serial Bus Interface
    • Auto zero
    • Min./Max./Peak Hold
    • Auto Range and Relative Mode
    • The only handheld instrument utilizing DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
    • Utilizes 4 AA batteries - with battery life of 20 hours


    Gauss Meter Parameter Value
    Model 5182

    Basic DC Accuracy


    Update Rate

    Display: 4 readings/second

    Analog: 100K samples/second

    Frequency DC-25 kHz
    Measuring Range 1G (low-field probe only) - 30kG

    1 mG - 10 G




    Readings Gauss, Tesla, Amps/Meter
    Analog Output ± 3 V FS

    Communication Port

    USB (1 sample/second)
    Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
    Storage Temperature -25ºC to 70ºC (-13ºF to 158ºF)
    Size 6.9" x 3.9" x 1.44"
    Power 4 AA batteries
    Probe Parameter Value
    Stem Length 4" ± .063"
    Stem Thickness 0.158" ± .004"
    Cable Length 1.524 m (5')
    Stem Material Polypropylene
    Corrected Linearity 0.5% / 30 kG
    Sensitivity 1X
    Operating Temperature 0ºC to +75ºC (32ºF to +167ºF)
    Frequency Response DC to 20 kHz

    Additional Info

    FW Bell 5182 Gauss Meter DC-25 kHz - Domestic AC Adapter - Transverse Probe

    Package Includes

    • 5182 RoHS Gauss Meter
    • 2" Transverse Probe (STD18-0402)
    • Zero Gauss Chamber
    • Domestic AC Adapter
    • (4) AA Alkaline Batteries
    • Instruction Manual
    • Carrying Case
    • Manufacturers Certificate