GE USLT 2000DP3 (2000DP3)

    GE USLT 2000DP3



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    GE Inspection Technologies is constantly advancing its products and testing solutions, and has developed the USLT 2000D portable ultrasonic instrument for testing spot welds with ultrasound to meet the requirements of the automotive industry.

    Product Features:

    • Flaw detector based on an industrial Desktop PC (Siemens Rack PC)
    • Stationary use in production
    • Extremly robust
    • Integrated CD-RW and floppy drive
    • Spot weld testing function with optional spot weld testing software UltraLOG
    • Expandable software modules for precision thickness measurement, case depth measurement and FFT analysis


    The variety of joining methods used in automotive welding and assembly lines has significantly increased in the last few years. Previously resistance-welding and MIG/MAG welds were the favored joining methods. Now, laser welding/soldering, and bonding are the preferred methods. Since these procedures are used complementarily (best fit), great demands have been made on test engineering. Nondestructive testing, such as ultrasound has replaced destructive testing (hammer and chisel) of spots welds as the prominent spot weld testing method. The continued increase acceptance of this procedure is due to the technical progress made by the co-operation between GE Inspection Technologies and the automotive industry. All brand name car manufacturers are already working successfully with these innovative systems.