Mitutoyo SJ-301 Portable Surface Roughness Tester (178-954-4A)

    Mitutoyo SJ-301 Portable Surface Roughness Tester



    This product has been discontinued.

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    Portable surface roughness tester with a touch-panel LCD and a built-in printer


    • Graphic display of measured profile
    • Easy-to-operate touch-panel
    • Built-in printer and battery operation
    • JIS/DIN/ISO/ANSI compatible 25 evaluation parameters and 3 analysis graphs
    • 300μm wide measuring range detector
    • Statistical processing function included
    • Compatible with PC based Surfpak-SJ software
    • Dual power supply (AC adapter/Rechargeable battery)
    • Auto-sleep function for power conversion 

    Conforming to various standards

    • Conforming to the JIS (1994-1998), ISO, DIN, and ANSI standards.
    • Additionally, the horizontal roughness parameters S, Sm, tp (mr) can be reported. The SJ-301 also performs such special parameters as plateau rate and RK-related parameters. 

    Storing measurement conditions and data

    • The SJ-301 main unit can store a maximum of 5 sets of measuring conditions. Individual measuring conditions can be selected for each workpiece.
    • The measuring conditions stored in the SJ-301 can be recalled and switched by direct key operations.
    • Measured data can be saved at the measurement site & be printed out or recalculated later.
    • By using an optional memory card, a maximum of 20 sets of measuring conditions, measured data, and statistical results can be stored. 

     Key-masking function

    • This function limits touch panel operation to prevent the detector calibration data and measuring conditions from being altered or deleted.
    • Measuring conditions can be easily controlled among multiple users. Resistance to environment
    • The SJ-301 keypads have excellent durability — No need to worry about oil stains from the user’s hands. 

    Reading profiles in the LCD window

    • Measurement results and analysis profiles can be read in the LCD window.
    • Signal waves can be scrolled smaller or larger, enabling the operator to read fine details. 

    High-speed thermal printer

    • Equipped with a highly sophisticated, high-speed thermal printer.
    • Selectable orientation for printout — Choose the portrait for conventional printout or the landscape for printing out the image as it is displayed.
    • BAC (Bearing Area Curved ADC (Amplitude Distribution Curve) can be printed out. 

    Statistical analysis functions

    • Statistical analysis of one parameter is possible.
    • Displays and prints frequency histograms as well as statistical calculation results (average, standard deviation, maximum value, minimum value, pass ratio).

    Auto calibration

    • Calibration can be easily performed by simply inputting and measuring the Ra value inscribed on the roughness reference specimen.
    • No adjustment with a tool, such as a volume adjustment, etc. is required. GO/NG judgment function
    • Tolerance values in three-steps can be set for the surface roughness parameters
    • Judgment symbol is displayed in the result display for a quick judgment of GO/NG. 

    Customization function

    • The user can select only the parameters needed from a variety of surface roughness parameters provided.


    • A built-in battery in the SJ-301 makes it possible to inspect surface roughness even at a site where there is no electrical outlet available.
    • Portable and convenient — the drive unit and the detector can be stored in the display unit. (Carrying case is a standard accessory.)
    • Measurement can be performed while the display unit is in the carrying case. The carrying case can be used to protect the display unit. 

    Arbitrary evaluation length

    • An arbitrary evaluation length within the range of 0.3 mm - 12.5 mm (Unit: 0.1 mm)
    • can be set.
    • Measurement in a limited space, where measurement is difficult under the measuring conditions in accordance with JIS standards, is made possible by using the start-up OFF function. 

    One-step detector replacement

    • Special detectors are available for measurements that cannot be performed with a standard detector - such as measurement of small-diameters and deep-grooves.
    • No tool is required for replacing the detector. Simply pull out and insert a detector.
    • Just one SJ-301 can perform measurement on a variety of workpiece's, since various types of detectors, depending on the workpiece, can be used. 

    High-accuracy detector

    • SJ-301 employs a differential inductance method, which is used in high-end models.
    • Measurement with a high-accuracy and a wide measuring range of 300μm.
    • Parameters that require high-accuracy feed such as SM and S can be measured with the SJ-301.
    • The detector can be retracted into the drive unit when the SJ-301 is not performing a measurement. 

    Selectable language for display/ printout

    • Display/ printout language is selectable from among English, German, French, Italian and Japanese. 


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