Labino MPXL LAMP 135 SERIES
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    Labino® Compact UV lamps have unbeatable UV intensity, creating extreme excitation of fluorescent material, which makes it possible to see things, in daylight and at great distances, that was once impossible with former technology.

    The Labino Compact UV lamp consists of one housing with a 35W gas discharge bulb and the Labino trigger ballast (electronics), making it easy to handle and flexible. Weighing in at 2.25 kg, the Labino Compact lamp is lightweight and easy to use. The Compact lamp is available in a floodlight, midlight or spotlight, all with varying beams and intensities.

    The lamp powers up in 5-15 seconds and is unaffected by magnetic fields. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is even IP65 certified so it can be used in the rain. It can be switched on and off whenever used, without pre-cooling.

    This lamp comes with mounting brackets so it can mount on a wall or work station.

    Labino® Compact lamps are based on two key components – the Labino DUV-35 W Gas Discharge Bulb (MPXL technology) and the Labino Trigger Ballast (Electronics). The interface technology between these key components creates unbeatable output performance. Manufactured in Sweden.

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