GE Eddy Current Phasec 3s Flaw Detector (072-100-108)

    GE Eddy Current Phasec 3s Flaw Detector



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    Eddy Current Phasec 3S Flaw Detector (with Conductivity, Coating Thickness Measurement, and Rotating Bolt Hole Inspection Capabilities)


    The Phasec 3s eddy current instrument has been designed to detect flaws on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and is suitable for almost all eddy current applications. The Phasec 3s offers full phase functionality in an ultra-compact package which can fit into a toolbox, briefcase, or even your pocket.

    • Detection of surface breaking cracks in metals
    • Inspection through non-ferrous coatings such as paint and oil
    • Detection of subsurface cracks and corrosion in non-ferrous metals
    • Inspection of the inside diameter of fastener holes when used in conjunction with a rotating drive
    • Electrical conductivity measurement to identify non-ferrous metals, verify heat treatment, validate in-service heat damage, and measure the density of powder metal parts


    • Phasec 3S Eddy Current Instrument
    • Rubber Protective Boot
    • Lithium-ion battery pack
    • Li-ion battery charger/eliminator
    • 12 pin Lemo/BNC adapter
    • Supervisor PC5 software
    • USB cable
    • Operating Manual
    • Quick Start operating Cards
    • Large soft sided carrying case
    • Certificate of Calibration


    Product Features

    • Instant menu paging – a press on the menu button means an instantaneous switch to the menu or operating screen.
    • superfine frequency adjustment
    • Independent X and Y gain adjustment
    • Conductivity and coating thickness mode
    • Output capability through USB connection
    • Improved trace recorder
    • Factory saved settings for common applications
    • Dynamic rotary drive mode compatible with most other manufacturers' drives
    • Dual-analog outputs
    • 12-way demo probe connector as 2200 and D62

    Additional Info

    • Data Sheet
    • Hi-Res Probe Catalog
    • Low-Res Probe Catalog
    • Supervisor PC5 Software