Waygate Krautkramer Mentor EM with Mentor Create Eddy Current Tester (Mentor-EM-Dual)

    Waygate Krautkramer Mentor EM with Mentor Create Eddy Current Tester
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    Put expertise right in your hands. The Waygate Technologies Krautkramer Mentor EM Eddy Current Tester, a Baker Hughes business product (formerly GE Inspection Technologies) allows you to easily access on-device workflow applications that efficiently guide the inspector while capturing electromagnetic (eddy current) inspection data. Real-time collaboration with remote experts allows fast and accurate indication confirmation. No more stacks of paperwork or questionable inspection calls, just easy and efficient nondestructive testing for weld, aerospace (including rotary) and general purpose inspections.


    • Mentor EM Flaw Detector with Installed Applications
    • Probe Module with (2) Probe Inputs – (2) 12-pin lemo connectors
    • Connectivity Module with USB and X & Y Encoder Inputs and TTL Outputs
    • Lithium Ion (Installed) Rechargeable Battery Pack
    • Lithium Ion Battery Charger /AC power supply
    • Transport Case
    • Quick Start Operating Card
    • Operating Manual on CD
    • Mentor Create Software
    • Certificate of Conformity


    It's time to make inspections more efficient.

    The Waygate Mentor EM makes weld inspections more efficient. With three preloaded application workflows, the inspector can select single, dual, or dynamic gain control inspections for simultaneous crack detection and coating thickness measurements.

    No matter what conditions you are in, the excellent signal-to-noise ratio in the new Waygate Krautkramer Mentor EM leads to accurate signal interpretation and quick decision making at every step of the process. A superior IP rating protects your Mentor EM from the harshest environments. And multiple alarm gates, which can be set to color or sound, warn of possible defects. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, Mentor EM eddy current signals can be remotely viewed on PC's, tablets, and even iPhones.

    From easy customization of the screen to optimizing the user interface to your inspection—make this tool, your tool.

    Available Applications:

    Weld Dual Frequency         Weld Single Frequency          Weld Two Inputs & Two Probes


    With more knowledge comes better decisions.

    The Mentor EM makes crack detection faster and more efficient. View Timebase and Spot modes at the same time to detect both radial defect positioning to sizing. The excellent signal-to-noise ratio leads to better signal interpretation and more informed decision making every step of the way.

    The Mentor EM MiniDrive Kit provides high torque for fastener hole scanning ensuring consistent rotational inspection speeds. Plus, Mentor EM is fully customizable to each inspector's personal preferences.

    The Mentor EM makes it easy to collaborate, allowing inspectors to instantly connect to other experts—all without ever leaving their inspection. 


    You may not be on every inspection, but your expertise will be.

    It's now easy for on-site inspectors to share information in real-time with the Mentor EM. Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data transmission, collaboration can happen remotely—whether you're on the tarmac inspecting landing gear, hanging off an offshore platform inspecting welds, or checking automotive bearings in a production line.

    This Eddy Current Tester also boasts an incredibly clean and sharp signal, allowing inspectors to find flaws other instruments wouldn't be able to detect. And with downloadable on-device workflow applications, customizable interface and a bright, easy-to-read high-resolution display, finding surface or subsurface cracks is now easier than ever. Take inspections to a new level by collaborating and problem solving in real-time with the Mentor EM.

    Available Applications:

    Mentor Single Input Mentor Absolute Mentor Differential
    Mentor Dual Frequency Mentor Dual Input Mentor Reflection
    Mentor Coating Measurement    


    • Customize on-device workflow applications
    • Easily readable touchscreen display that works while wearing gloves
    • Instantly connect with other experts
    • Base your next steps on real-time readings
    • Immediately access your service bulletins
    • Easily download software upgrades


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