GE Eddy Current Phasec 3 Flaw Detector (072-100-107)

    GE Eddy Current Phasec 3 Flaw Detector



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    Eddy Current Phasec 3 Flaw Detector with Conductivity and Coating Thickness Measurement

    The Phasec 3 eddy current tester has been designed to detect flaws on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and is suitable for almost all eddy current applications. Phasec 3 offers full phase functionality in an ultra-compact package which can fit into a toolbox, briefcase, or even your pocket.

    A custom-built rubber boot can be fitted to Phasec 3 flaw detectors for extreme protection from mechanical damage and shock. The boot includes attachment points for a shoulder strap and has and integrated stand. The stand facilitates

    screen viewing and keypad operation when the flaw detector is used as a bench-mounted instrument.

    A purpose-made transport case provides a convenient carrier for the instrument and all the associated probes, cables and ancillary equipment.

    Phasec 3 instruments can be supplied with a wide range of probe kits according to the particular model.

    • Detection of surface breaking cracks in metals
    • Inspection through non-ferrous coatings such as paint and oil/Detection of sub-surface cracks and corrosion in non-ferrous metals
    • Electrical conductivity measurement to identify non-ferrous metals, verify heat treatment, validate in-service heat damage, and measure the density of powder metal parts


    Product Features
    • Instant menu paging – a press on the menu button means an instantaneous switch to the menu or operating screen.
    • superfine frequency adjustment
    • Independent X and Y gain adjustment
    • Conductivity and coating thickness mode
    • Output capability through USB connection
    • Improved trace recorder
    • Factory saved settings for common applications
    • Dual-analog outputs
    • 12-way demo probe connector as 2200 and D62

    Additional Info

    • Data Sheet
    • Hi-Res Probe Catalog
    • Low-Res Probe Catalog
    • Supervisor PC5 Software

    Package Includes


    • Phasec 3 Eddy Current Instrument
    • Rubber Protective Boot
    • Lithium-ion battery pack
    • Li-ion battery charger/eliminator
    • 12 pin Lemo/BNC adapter
    • Supervisor PC5 software
    • USB cable
    • Operating Manual
    • Quick Start operating Cards
    • Large soft sided carrying case