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    StressTel leads the market in ultrasonic bolting extensometers with the BoltMike III. The StressTel BoltMike III Ultrasonic Bolt Extensometer measures strain in critical bolts per ASTM
    E1685-00 providing necessary data on clamp load and induced stress in tensioned fasteners.

    Based on customer input, the BoltMike III includes many features not found in competitive systems. Features like a large, easy-to-read display; preloaded bolt grade material constants for rapid calibration and setup; and automatic temperature compensation for fast, repeatable, and accurate fastener tension measurements.
    StressTel’s StressWare data collection and analysis software is included with each BoltMike III to interface data to your PC and provide quick and easy report generation.
    Ultrasonic strain measurement is the accepted method of verifying bolt preloads in critical joints and the StressTel BoltMike III is the preferred tool for the application.
    Kit Contents
    • BoltMike III Instrument,
    • 5 AA Alkaline Batteries,
    • Operation Manual,
    • Technical Manual,
    • Instruction Card,
    • Upgrade Software Utility,
    • STRESSWARE Data Transfer Software,
    • Serial PC Cable,
    • Parallel Printer Cable,
    • AC Power Supply,
    • Couplant (4 oz.),
    • Temperature Probe,
    • Transducer Cables (2),
    • Soft Carrying Case, and Hardshell
    Unit Features
    1. Transducer Connector
    2. Test Temperature
    3. Temp Sensor Connector
    4. Measurement Value (load, stress, or elong)
    5. Coupling Indicator
    6. Battery Life Indicator
    7. Alarm LED
    8. Measurement Window
    9. RS-232 Connector
    10. A.C. Power Connector
    11. Measurement Signal
    12. GROUP CAL for Custom Material Calibration
    13. GAIN Adjustment
    14. Zero for Probe Exchange
    15. ZOOM Indicator
    16. BOLT Increment Keys
    17. Navigation Keys
    18. Stability Indicator
    19. Auto Gain Adjustment



    • Simultaneous display of fastener load, stress, and elongation
    • Long 40 hour life with five standard "AA" alkaline batteries
    • High resolution VGA LCD display to verify signal and optimize probe placement
    • Large digit and baragraph display with limits for fast testing
    • Automatic temperature compensation
    • Built-in probe zero block allows easy exchange of transducers
    • Regression analysis for custom material calibration
    • Windows software to download measurements, create reports and upload test parameters
    • Direct to printer reports