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    The USLT 2000 Flaw Detectors - PC-based ultrasonic test system providing complete WindowsTM functionality.

    USLT 2000S
    Ultrasonic Standard Notebook
    Including: STD Notebook PC
    USLT 2000I
    Ultrasonic Industrial Notebook
    Including: Industrial Notebook PC
    USLT 2000D
    Ultrasonic Industrial PC
    Including: Industrial PC


    The USLT 2000 is an ultrasonic dialog instrument contained in a normal PC having exceptional ultrasonic features, wide frequency range (0.5 - 20 MHz) and two gates. Presentation of the A-scans on the PC monitor with a quasi-analog A-scan resolution of up to 635 x 400 pixels and a high refresh rate. Storage of the instrument settings, test results or complete test orders are made in a database.

    Operation is made easy via:

    • Clearly arranged, graphics user-interface under Windows 98, either with the existing PC 
    • keyboard, the integrated touchpad (notebook) or via a connected mouse. 
    • Indication of the active function group on the display (switchable). 
    • Up to 4 freely selectable measurement values can be displayed in the measurement line, 
    • e.g. sound path (wall thickness), projection distance, depth and echo amplitude as a percentage of the screen height or as a dB difference. 
    • Overlay of the active A-scan with a stored result (echo comparison). 
    • Recording of the echo dynamic with simultaneous display of the realtime signals. 
    • Adjustable signal averaging. 
    • Distance Amplitude Curve (DAC) and DGS curve for all narrow band, single element probes. 
    • Automatic recognition of dialog probes for increased testing reliability and documentation. 
    • Use of the Windows 95/98 function range: Multitasking, Clipboard (buffer storage) and linkage to all other Windows programs (e.g. MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint) as well as simple program installation using only CD and disk.

    Application Software:

    • ULT-D UltraWorks, development tool for the USLT 2000
    • ULT-W UltraLOG, software for spot weld inspection
    • Database Manager, option for UltraLOG



    • Frequency Range 0.5 to 20 MHz (-3dB)
    • Two Independent Monitor Gates
    • Four Selectable Frequency Ranges
    • RF Rectification Mode Plus Fullwave and Halfwave Modes
    • DAC/TCG with 37dB Dynamic Range and 6dB/m sec Slope
    • Selectable Damping Settings
    • 1000 Hz PRF Maximum


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