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    DMV DL - Handheld Ultrasonic Velocity Gauge with On-Board Data Logger, easy sound velocity measurement for quick correlation to mechanical properties and

    ·  Quick and Easy Velocity Measurement for Nodularity % in Ductile Iron and other Applications
    ·  Simple-to-Use, 2-Step Operation
    ·  Handheld, Portable, Weighs only 13 Ounces with Batteries
    ·  On-Board 1200 Reading Data Logger
    ·  Rugged, Dependable
    ·  Spot Check Production Processes, Sort Suspect Lots, 100% Inspection of Critical Safety-Related Parts

    Measure, record, report

    The microprocessor-based DMV DL is a sound velocity gauge/data logger combination built into a small, portable instrument. Sound velocity measurements can be made throughout a plant, recorded on-site, and then sent directly to a serial printer or PC for immediate hardcopy reports, analysis, or permanent storage.

    Sound velocity measurements can be made on a wide range of materials with the DMV DL (i.e. cast iron, aluminum, plastics, and other metals and non-metals).

    Sound Velocity vs. Nodularity %

    Sound velocity is a prime factor in estimating the nodularity percentage (%) of ductile iron and its relative tensile strength. The mechanical properties of ductile iron are very dependent upon the shape of nodular graphite formations, or % nodularity, which has a direct effect on the sound velocity. As the nodularity % (graphite formation) increases, the sound velocity of the ductile iron also increases. In turn, sound velocity also has a relationship to the tensile strength of ductile iron, and is often used to predict or qualify the tensile strength of a casting. The DMV DL provides an excellent tool for spot checking production processes, sorting of suspect lots of material, 100% inspection of low volume production runs, and 100% inspection of critical safety-related ductile iron castings.

    Quick 2-step measurement

    A simple 2-step operation is all that is required to obtain sound velocity readings instantly on a large backlit LCD display.

    Base Instrument Package:

    DMV DL Digital Ultrasonic Velocity Gauge
    Three 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries
    Carrying Case
    Operating Manual
    Certificate of Conformity


    CLPR-100 - Mitutoyo digimatic caliper model #500-321 (flat jawed)
    CLPRCBL-606 - DMV DL to Mitutoyo Caliper Thickness Data Input Cable
    PCCBL-516  - Serial PC (Weightronix mini-printer) Cable
    PRTCBL-518 - Serial Printer (Epson, Diconix, etc.) Cable
    LC-E - Leather Instrument Case with Neck Strap
    UTL-360 - Data Transfer Utility Software Program
    KBA533 - Probe Cable for DA303 and DA301 Probes
    KBA531 - Probe Cable for KBA560 Probe
    HTC-010 - Couplant Gel, 2 oz. tube

    DA303 High Penetration KBA533  2 MHz .635" (16.2 mm)
    KBA560 General Purpose KBA531 .5 MHz .625" (15.9 mm) 
    DA301 General Purpose KBA533 .5 MHz .475" (12.1 mm)


    Operating Principle
    Ultrasonic Pulse/Echo
    Probe Zero Adjustment
    Push button, keyed to instrument probe zero block
    V-Path Correction
    Automatic, microprocessor controlled
    Material Velocity Measuring Range
    50,000 to 300,000 in/sec.
    1270 to 7620 m/sec.
    Material Thickness Range (Steel)
    0.500" to 12.00"
    12.7 mm to 300 mm
    Material Velocity Linearity
    Inch: 0.5" to 1.0" = ±20 in/sec. x 10²
    1.0" to 12.0" = ±10 in/sec. x 10²
    Metric: 12.7 to 25.4 mm = ±51 m/sec.
    25.4 to 300 mm = ±26 m/sec.
    Displayed Resolution
    Velocity: XXXX in/sec. x 100
    XXXX m/sec.
    Display Type
    4 digit, .5" (12.7mm) high with electroluminescent backlight
    Display Update Rate
    3 Hz
    Power Supply
    3 ea. 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
    Battery Life (operating time)
    Up to 70 hours @ 25% duty cycle
    (up to 40 hours using backlight)
    Auto Shut-Off
    After 3.5 minutes of non-use
    Data Logger Memory Capacity
    1200 readings
    Number of Data Files
    Up to 99 (user selectable)
    Data Output Port
    Serial:, asynchronous; 0, +5V TTL, 8 bit, 1 stop bit, 1200 baud
    RS232C: bipolar logic levels provided by serial PC and printer cables
    Mitutoyo format: Input Only
    Direct Report Languages
    English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish
    Temperature Range
    +10/°F to +120/°F (-10/°C to +50/°C)
    Dimensions (L x W x D)
    6.5" x 3.0" x 1.6"
    165.1 mm x 72.2 mm x 40.6 mm
    13.1 oz. (0.37 kg) including batteries

    Instrument and probe specifications are subject to change without notice.