GE TIV Optical Portable Hardness Tester (0035475)

    GE TIV Optical Portable Hardness Tester



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    The TIV method (Through Indenter Viewing) uses special optics to see through the Vickers diamond by transferring an image the test indentation and then evaluating it automatically.  Because of this, the TIV hardness tester can be used on any matieral without additional calibrations.  TIV testing can also be used on very thin test objects, opening up the applications of portable hardness testing to different sizes of materials that were previously unavailable.


    Mobile hardness testing with the special view

    The method

    Innovative Krautkramer technolog ensures another step forward in mobile hardness testing: the TIV method (Through Indenter Viewing), based on hardness testing according to Vickers, makes it possible to ”see through” the Vickers diamond by means of special optics. The hardness is measured under load; as soon as the test load is reached, the image of the test indentation is transferred and evaluated directly, automatically, and quickly. Conforms to ASTM A1038-05 UCI METHOD

    The advantages – your benefit

    The TIV hardness tester can be used irrespective of the material – without any additional calibration. You can use the same instrument to measure the hardness of all sorts of materials without any reference specimens and without any laborious settings: from steel and nonferrous metals through plastics, carbide metals, glass, and ceramics up to different coatings. The static application of the test load reduces the vibration of the test object and therefore the influence of the test material’s elastic properties on the test result. Yet another benefit: you can use the TIV to measure even very thin test objects, such as coils or sheet metal and metal foils, on which stationary or mobile hardness testers have previously failed, without any problem. Consequently, hardness testing becomes independent not only of the material but also of the mass and geometry of the test object. This means that the TIV opens up new application fields for mobile hardness testing. It goes without saying that all the advantages you already know from our proven hardness testers remain or were improved, e.g. direction independance, user friendliness, data management. Plus a lot more.

    Test method

    ”Through Indenter Viewing”: optical hardness testing method according to Vickers under test load; with an optical system including CCD camera for the automatic or manual determination of diagonal lengths through the diamond; optical control of the diamond indentation by means of display image.

    Base Instrument Includes:

    • TIV Instrument with Color TFT Display
    • AC Power Supply
    • Carrying Case
    • Cleaning Cloth
    • Operating Manual
    • ISO 17025 Certficate of Calibration

    Package Includes


    • TIV Instrument with Color TFT Display
    • AC Power Supply
    • Carrying Case
    • Cleaning Cloth
    • Operating Manual
    • ISO 17025 Certficate of Calibration