Sonotech General Purpose Couplants

Sonotech ambient temperature UT couplants can be selected on the basis of performance, environmental impact, temperature range and cost.

ULTRAGEL II, SONOTRACE, and ECHOGEL are water-based couplants featuring high surface wetting capability to maintain the best possible contact on dirty or oily surfaces. Ferrous corrosion inhibition factors for each are the highest in their performance class. ULTRAGEL II, SONOTRACE, and ECHOGEL meet nuclear specifications for Halogens, Sulfur and low melting point metals, have been in use for over twenty-five years and have established the standard by which other UT couplants are judged.

SONOGLIDE, SOUNDSAFE, SOUNDCLEAR, UT-30, and UT-X are environmentally benign couplants that have low skin irritation potential because they do not contain harsh surfactants, dyes or fragrances and meet nuclear power specifications for Halogens, Sulfur and low melting point metals. These couplants contain an environmentally benign ferrous corrosion inhibition system for steel. When ferrous corrosion is the most important criteria, Ultragel II, Sonotrace or Echogel provide superior corrosion inhibition.

VISCOSITY: Viscosity, or thickness, of couplants is noted by a grade (GR) following the name of the couplant. The lower the number, the lower the viscosity.

MSDS/Technical Data Sheets

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