GE XL PRO Plus VideoProbe System (xlpro)

    GE XL PRO Plus VideoProbe System



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    The XL PRO™ Plus VideoProbe® system provides a high-performance video borescopes in a compact, portable, enclosure. The XL PRO Plus features full-motion MPEG2 video recording onto a CompactFlash® card, StereoProbe® and ShadowProbe®  defect measurement capability, and an integrated temperature warning system.  As one of the most flexible,  remote visual i nspection (RVI) tools on the market, the XL PRO Plus features interchangeable probes available in a wide selection of diameters and lengths, a color LCD, All-Way® joystick articulation and brilliant, metal-halide illumination to shed light into the deepest, darkest spaces and corners.


    • Six interchangeable probe diameters from 3.9mm to 8.4mm (0.153 in. to 0.331 in.)
    • ShadowProbe®, StereoProbe® and Comparison measurement modes with ProView enhanced viewing mode and 3X Zoom windows
    • CompactFlash® removable storage media
    • Over two hours of MPEG2 full-motion audio/video recording and playback
    • USB streaming digital video output
    • Portable shipping/operating case with wheels and a telescopic handle
    • Integrated Temperature Warning System
    • Complete portability with AC, DC or battery operation (XA207 PowerBar Battery)
    • iVIEW™ image management
    • Specialty Probes available (Covert VideoProbe, High-Purity-Weld VideoProbe, Industrial VideoProbe, and LongSteer VideoProbe
    • Custom probes available


    • Aerospace - Commercial, Military, OEM, MRO and Business Aviation
    • Power - Nuclear, Fossil, Combustion Turbine, Combined-cycle, Hydro and Win
    • Process - Refining, Offshore, Chemical, Distribution/Transportation, Food, Ultra-pure and Water Treatment
    • Other - Manufacturing, Shipping, Law Enforcement