GE Everest XL Go VideoProbe System (xl-go)

    GE Everest XL Go VideoProbe System



    This product has been discontinued.

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    Replaced with Baker Hughes Mentor Visual IQ or  Baker Hughes XL Flex/XL Flex+

    The XL Go™ VideoProbe® system takes remote visual inspection to new heights.

    No cords, no boxes—just outstanding image quality in an incredibly rugged and portable package.

    Whether you are operating in the Aerospace, Power Generation, Wind, Oil & Gas or Porcess industries, the XL Go™ VideoProbe® inspection system is ideally suited for a wide range of application that will help make your job easier and more productive.


    • XL Go VideoProbe video borescope
    • Shipping and Storage Case
    • 2hr run time battery
    • Battery charger/AC adapter with power cord
    • Owner’s manual
    • Quick-start guide Manual on CD ROM
    • iView PC 4GB USB thumb drive
    • Probe tip head guard Tip Case

    The XL Go VideoProbe system utilizes cutting-edge features to provide outstanding performance.


    • LED technology —matches display to CCD imager performance for outstanding image quality
    • VGA LCD —five buttons make operation simple and intuitive
    • User interface —capture non-compressed BMPs, compressed JPGs or MPEG video
    • Still images and motion video —alter Field-of-View, Depth-of-Field and Direction-of-View
    • Optical tip adapters

    The XL Go VideoProbe system is constructed to withstand the rigors of the industrial workplace.  Shock absorbing materials and seals are strategically incorporated to resist impact damage and to prevent dust and water intrusion.

    To ensure top performance in a wide range of environmental conditions, XL Go has been subjected to a battery of performance tests.


    • Test Method  506.4  Rain and Blowing Rain/li>
    • Test Method  507.4  Humidity
    • Test Method  509.4  Salt Fog
    • Test Method  510.4  Sand and Dust
    • Test Method  511.4  Explosive Atmosphere
    • Test Method  514.5  Vibration
    • Test Method  516.5  Shock
    • Test Method  521.2  Icing/Freezing Rain

    MIL-STD-461E  (Above Deck)

    • Test Method  RS103  Radiated Susceptibility —uses less power and runs cooler than traditional illumination systems

    The XL Go™ VideoProbe® system combines portability with performance—delivering sharp, clear digital images on a system designed to meet inspection needs across a wide range of industry applications. XL Go combines cordless operation with a host of features found in systems three times as large. Unlike other video borescopes, the XL Go has no bulky base unit, no backpacks, no tethered scopes or power cords to get in the way—ensuring unlimited inspection access and unprecedented ease of use.