Chemetall Xmor LD-7 Non-Chlorinated Developer (XMOR-LD-7)

    Chemetall Xmor LD-7 Non-Chlorinated Developer
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    Penetrant Developer LD7 is a non-aqueous liquid suspension developer for use as part of either a Checkmor colour contrast penetrant process or a Britemor fluorescent penetrant process. The proper application of LD7 adds significantly to the sensitivity of the processes. LD7 is a suspension of inert white developer particles in a flammable volatile organic solvent. Forms d & e

    Due to shipping regulations, aerosols must ship via ground delivery.

    Typical Properties (not a specification):

    • Form: White solid particles in a clear liquid
    • Flash Point: -18°C (Abel)
    • Density: 0.96 at 15°C
    • Corrosion Test: Passes requirements of AMS 2644( Mil I 25135)