Sentry IR Thermometer HDS with DS Ratio 50:1 (ST677)

    Sentry IR Thermometer HDS with DS Ratio 50:1



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    The new Sentry ST677 IR Thermometer High Distance to Spot (HDS) features a user-friendly design to allow you to test temperatures ranging from -25.6~3002°F (-32~1650°C) with a Distance to Spot Ratio of 50:1. The ST677 is both lightweight and ergonomic and offers a large LCD and color control panel. The double-injected rubber protector enhances durability.

    The Sentry ST677 is a gun-type infrared thermometer and is part of Sentry's high-performance series. This ST677 is both easy-to-use and offers customers Sentry's best-in-class infrared technology.


    • Far distance temperature monitoring
    • Automobile repair and maintenance
    • Science experiment
    • Electrical troubleshooting. Air conditioner adjustment
    • Manufacturing processes monitoring
    • Components and circuits temperature measurement
    • HVAC energy adjustment and audits


    • Rugged & Ergonomic design
    • High DS ratio
    • Backlit dual display LCD
    • New series for general purposes
    • Ultra low power consumption in shutdown mode
    • Extended long time measuring reliability
    • Laser sighting on/off is switchable
    • °C or° F selectable
    • Electronic trigger lock
    • Temperature data storage
    • Audible alarms


    Specifications  ST-670 ST-672 ST-675 ST-677
    Distance/Spot Ratio 30:1​ 50:1
    Temperature Range -32~760°C
    Accuracy (Assumes Operation Ambient Temperature of 25°C/77°F)
    ±3°C(±5°F) from -32 to -20°C (-25.6 to -4°F)
    ±2°C(±3°F) from -20 to 100°C(-4 to 212°F)
    Above 100 °C(212°F):± 2%
    Thermopile 8~14μm
    Repeatability ±1°C(±2°F)​
    Resolution 0.1°C(0.1°F) 0.1°C or 0.1°F(Above 2000°F:1°F)  
    Response Time 500ms   
    Operation Temp 0~50°C(32~122°F), 10~90 %RH   
    Auto Power Off Automatically after approx. 6 sec   
    Emissivity Adjustable 0.1~1.0   
    °C/°F Switchable
    Laser Sight Switchable
    10 Point Memory
    Audio Alarm
    Dual Display
    Tripod Mount
    Dimensions 200 x 166 x 50.5 mm
    Weight Approx. 280 grams (10 ounces)

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