Sames Kremlin E-Jet 2 NDT (SK-910020548)

    Sames Kremlin E-Jet 2 NDT

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    The Sames Kremlin E-Jet 2 NDT is for dry powder developer applications as part of the penetrant inspection process. The E-Jet 2 NDT System is a stable and compact option in the aerospace industry where developer is widely used. A CSV 230 pressure pot applies fine homogeneous layers with a low and consistent flow for optimal coverage.

    The E-Jet 2 NDT features a fluidized hopper, making it perfect for medium or large scale productions not suited for the vibration technique. This low-maintenance penetrant sprayer optimizes application time and the air pumped at a regular flow provides superior precision. Keep organized with the convenient cable and hose support while wheeling the system to the application site.


    • Applies fine, homogeneous layers
    • Compact and stable design
    • Highly transportable
    • Low and consistent flow
    • High transfer efficiency



    Model SK-910020548
    Maximum Fluid Outlet Value: 200 (6.76)
    Units: cc/min (oz/min)
    Maximum Air Pressure Value: 7 (102)
    Units: bar (psi)
    Weight 660 g (23.28 oz)
    Cart Dimensions (H x L x W) 1220 x 480 x 770 mm
    Maximum Dew Point at 6 Bar Class 4, i.e. +3°C (38°F)
    Maximum Particle-size of Solid Pollutants Class 3, i.e. 5 µm
    Maximum Concentration of Solid Pollutants Class 3, i.e. 5 mg/m0
    3 *
    Maximum Oil Concentration Class 1, i.e. 0.01 mg/m0
    3 *
    Equipment Air-supply Pressure 7 bar +/- 1 bar

    *Air flow rate values are given for a temperature of 20°C (68 °F) at atmospheric pressure of 1,013 mbar.

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