Zetec MIZ-21C Eddy Current Tester with Surface Array (MIZ-21C)

    Zetec MIZ-21C Eddy Current Tester with Surface Array

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    The Zetec MIZ-21C Eddy Current Tester is the most advanced portable Eddy Current testing instrument available that also offers surface array capability. Easy-to-use and budget-friendly, the MIZ-21C is ideal for applications in the aerospace, wind, oil & gas, manufacturing, and power generation industries. The unit has an ergonomic design, 8-hour battery life, and intuitive touchscreen that enables you to easily test more areas in less time. When compared with pencil probes, the MIZ-21C shows a 95% reduction in inspection time. Set-up is fast, and operating the unit is facilitated by powerful software and a user-centric design.

    The MIZ-21C performs inspections quickly and can replace Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) inspections. Through industry-leading innovations in signal quality, Zetec has successfully designed the MIZ-21C to offer 25% better flaw detection. With its added surface array capability, the MIZ-21C Eddy Current Tester delivers the most thorough inspection in its class. Numerous probes and scanners work with the MIZ-21C and are easy to change in the field or on the factory floor. 

    The MIZ-21C Eddy Current Tester is available in three models to best fit your inspection requirements. 


    • Single frequency
    • Conductivity


    • Dual Frequency
    • Conductivity
    • Rotating Scanner


    • Dual Frequency
    • Conductivity
    • Rotating Scanner
    • ECA


    • Surface Array in a Handheld. Cost-effective, highly portable solution that delivers significant advantages over Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT).
    • Increase Uptime, Wherever You Go. Features a minimum eight-hour battery life so users can operate the unit for an entire shift without recharging.
    • Ergonomic Design. Small, lightweight and comfortable to handle in tight spaces. MIZ-21C minimizes arm fatigue common with other portable instruments.
    • Intuitive Touchscreen. Quickly rotate, zoom and pan using the two finger capacitive display. The onscreen keyboard further increases user efficiency.
    • Universal Symbol Buttons & Multi-Language Software. One model for worldwide use and deployment. Universal symbol buttons handle all functions and are ideal for gloved inspections.
    • Flexible Connectivity. Interface and transfer files through USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology.
    • Built for Demanding Environments. Temperature rated for most outdoor conditions. Drop and vibration tested for rugged use.
    • Standard ¼-20 Fitting. Connect thousands of off-the-shelf accessories for expanded functionality.
    • All models come with removable cover with adjustable hand straps and stand for added protection, convenience and extended operation.



    Size (H × W × D) 267 × 122 × 38 mm (10.5 × 4.8 × 1.5")
    Weight (including batteries and cover) 1.22 kg (2.7 lb)
    Multi-Touch Display 5.7" (480 x 640 pixels)
    Battery Life 8 hr per charge
    Eddy Current Connector 18-Pin Lemo
    Eddy Current Array Connector 26-Pin Lemo
    Connectivity USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    Encoders 2 axes, quadrature
    Probe Recognition and Setup Automatic, Zetec Coil ID Chip
    Coil Inputs MIZ-21C-SF: 1
    MIZ-21C: 1
    MIZ-21C-ARRAY: 3
    Frequencies Per Timeslot MIZ-21C-SF: 1
    MIZ-21C: 2
    MIZ-21C-ARRAY: 2
    Data Channels MIZ-21C-SF: 32
    MIZ-21C: 64
    MIZ-21C-ARRAY: 192
    Maximum Probe Coils MIZ-21C-SF: 2
    MIZ-21C: 2
    MIZ-21C-ARRAY: 32
    Frequency Range 5 Hz to 10 MHz
    Generator Output Up to 19 Vpp
    Injection Modes Continuous and Super-Multiplex
    Receiver Gain 10 – 53 dB, 43 dB range
    Data Resolution 16 bits
    Acquisition / Sampling Rate Up to 25,000 per second
    Probe Drive 50 Ohm
    Filters Adjustable CC, Median, High Pass, Low Pass, Bandpass, Spike
    Alarms Adjustable Box, Audio adjustable volume, Headphone support
    Conductivity Frequency 60, 120, 240 and 480 kHz
    Conductivity Specification Digital readout in 0.9 to 110 %IACS (0.5 to 70 MS/m), Accuracy within ±0.5% IACS from 0.9% to 65% IACS and within ±1.0% of values over 65%
    Non-Conductive Coating Thickness Can measure non-conductive coating thickness from 0 mm to 1.000 mm. Accuracy of 0.025 mm (±0.001") over a 0 mm to 0.64 mm range
    Rotating Scanner MIZ-21C-SF: No
    MIZ-21C: Yes
    MIZ-21C-ARRAY: Yes Zetec Rotating Scanner, Others
    Maximum Data File Size 60 MB
    Languages English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese
    Storage 8 GB SSD Internal, Any size through USB expansion
    Instrument Calibration ISO/IEC 17025:2005, Meets or exceeds manufacturer’s requirements

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