Zetec MIZ-21B Hand Held Eddy Current Instrument (MIZ-21B)

    Zetec MIZ-21B Hand Held Eddy Current Instrument

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    This eddy current instrument delivers high-speed, high-efficiency inspections of heat exchanger tubing. Industry-leading data management features provide more on-board data storage, and easier file transfer.

    The MIZ-21B incorporates the power of dual-frequency testing, digital conductivity testing, and nonconductive coating thickness measurement. Its industry standard 50-ohm probe drive provides the optimum balance between probe input and instrument output. Yet it's priced to provide excellent value when you need a dedicated eddy current instrument.

    The MIZ-21B has seven different eddy current data display modes. Choose XY Impedance Plane, Bar Graph, Triggered Sweep, Auto Sweep (slow or fast), C-scan, and digital conductivity. For rapid analysis, the dual display feature can present signals side-by-side in sweep and XY modes. Or, you can view a reference signal and a live test signal simultaneously.

    The MIZ-21B's dual-frequency mixing capability suppresses undesirable variables to let you more easily identify and size flaws. Digitally mark up to 10 display points on the screen. Signal size is identified as a percent of screen height using the ruler on the electronic graticule.





    Wheel Bead Seat Inspection

    • Early crack detection allows you to repair or replace damaged wheels before bigger problems develop.
    • With Zetec’s Bead Seat Probes, you can inspect this region with only one pass around the wheel, greatly increasing throughput.

    Airframe Fastener Row Inspection

    • Rapidly detect longitudinal fatigue cracks between fastener holes, such as at lap splices, with the MIZ-21B and the Reflection (Driver-Pickup) Sliding Probe.

    C-scan Display for Fastener Holes

    • The C-scan display is a unique way to present the “big picture” in fastener hole inspection. This method works exceptionally well with an indexing rotating scanner when fasteners are removed.

    Probe Optimization

    • The MIZ-21B also includes a Probe Plot feature that plots probe response to both the test and reference specimens over a range of frequencies. This feature helps you choose the probe’s optimum operating frequency for each application.

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