Sonotech UT-X Powder (MF-62)

    Sonotech UT-X  Powder
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    UT-X® POWDER is a couplant concentrate useful for flaw detection and thickness gaging where ferrous corrosion inhibition is not a concern. UT-X POWDER incorporates a mild corrosion inhibitor, a preservative, a viscosity building polymer and ease of mixing in a pre-measured packet.

    UT-X POWDER is ideal for remote inspection sites and use as an emergency back-up couplant.

    If ferrous corrosion is a concern, select UT-X® FE POWDER.

    • Concentrated to reduce shipping costs and storage space requirements
    • Provides fast, lump free mixing
    • Economical
    • Does not contain humectants, including glycerine

    Easy to Use
    • Premeasured 1-gallon and 5-gallon packets
    • Extremely compact storage: A drum's worth can fit into a drawer or a briefcase
    • Viscosity can be varied for exact job requirements simply by adjusting the amount of water
    • Mixes quickly without lumps

    Cost Effective
    • Costs up to 75% less than standard couplants
    • No drum disposal expense

    Custom Options
    • Extend drying time by adding Propylene Glycol
    • "Winterize" by adding Isopropyl Alcohol or Propylene Glycol
    • Improve wetting by adding Echowet wetting agent
    • Instructions and ratios for customization accompany all orders
    • Note: Only blend with animal friendly anti-freeze (propylene glycol)

    * Viscosity equivalents: 4,000k = thick paste, 550k = stiff gel, 150k = pourable gel, 20k = thick liquid