Synergys LeakShooter (Touchscreen) Ultrasonic Leak Detector V3T+PRO (LKS1000-V3T-PLUS-PRO)

    Synergys LeakShooter (Touchscreen) Ultrasonic Leak Detector V3T+PRO
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    The Synergys LeakShooter® LKS1000-V3T+PRO Ultrasonic Leak Detector has a NEW touchscreen and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery capabilities. 

    The enhanced software on the V3T+PRO LeakShooter finds leaks in steam traps, compressed air, gas, and vacuum equipment. This ultrasonic leak detector features steam trap diagnostic software that automatically diagnoses the condition of your steam trap. The LEAKSHOOTER® LKS1000-V3T+ Pro also operates as a point-and-shoot thermal camera solution for leak detection. A USB cable is included with the purchase, allowing the user to upload photos directly and attach them to reports as needed. 

    Sonic Industrial Imager

    This sonic industrial imager features steam trap diagnostic software STRAPSHOOTER® and offers the latest in visual and sonic leak detection currently available.

    STRAPSHOOTER® Steam Trap Software

    STRAPSHOOTER® is an automatic stream trap analyzer that uses an embedded infrared pyrometer to measure pipe temperature T° IN & T° OUT. Easy to use, the LeakShooter LKS1000-V3T+Pro and STRAPSHOOTER® software require no setup time and is ready to use right out of the box. The STRAPSHOOTER® software will automatically diagnose your steam trap's operating condition and allows you to see, hear, analyze, and report your steam trap's current state.

    LeakShooter V3T+PRO thermal image of in and out temperatures of a steam trap,

    Thermal Camera with Point & Shoot Technology

    The LEAKSHOOTER® LKS1000-V3T+PRO is a point-and-shoot thermal camera solution for leak detection. When pointed at a potential leak, a dynamic yellow target appears on the color LCD 5.7" 640 x 480-pixel screen. When the source of the leak is detected, the target turns red and shrinks as it hones in its specific location. To record the leak, take a picture by pressing the camera button. Each photo shows the recorded decibels, flow rate, estimated annual cost of the leak, and LEAKSCORE indicating the severity of the leak. Each photo is also numbered, dated, and time-stamped. The thermal camera (80 x 60 pixels with 50 mK) records the temperature of the leak and its surrounding apparatus. Traditional methods of listening for leaks also work with the LeakShoot V3T+PRO by using the supplied professional headphones that plug directly into the unit.

    Leak detected using LeakShooter V3T+PRO. Shows decibels, rate, 
    LEAKSCORE (K value) and cost of leak per year.

    Built-In Cost Savings Calculator

    The LeakShooter LKS1000 V3T+ Pro has a built-in annual cost-savings calculator that documents the cost of the leak relative to its severity. The LeakShooter LKS1000-V3T+ Pro finds compressed air leaks that often comprise 20-40% of energy costs associated with having compressed air apparatuses. Systematically checking for and eliminating air leaks can save thousands of dollars in energy costs each month or year, depending on the size of your operations. 

    Multi-Purpose with Large Storage Capacity

    The V3T+ Pro operates for more than just compressed air, gas, & vacuum leak detection. The V3T+ can assist with steam trap monitoring, bearing monitoring, electrical applications, partial discharge, corona effects, punctured isolators, and electrical tracking detection. Ergonomically designed, the lightweight LeakShooter V3T+ Pro can store up to 1,000 images and last up to > 5 hours on a single charge. 

    Highly Sensitive

    The LeakShooter LKS1000-V3T+ can detect leaks the size of a syringe at a distance of 30+ yards (20 meters). Leak detection works within all industrial environment types. Thanks to the ability to adjust the volume gain on the device that filters out ambient noise.



    Ultrasonic emitter Reference : LKSDOME

    Flexible 400 mm US Sensor Reference : LKSFLEX400

    Flexible 1500 mm US Sensor Reference : LKSFLEX1500

    Mechanical US sensor (steam trap- bearing) Reference : LKSPROBE

    LEAKREPORTEDITOR for report edition option. Available in different languages: LEAKREPORTEDITOR

    Autonomous laser kit + support for LEAKSHOOTER. Option. Reference : LKSLASER-Kit

    Package Includes

    • The LEAKSHOOTER® V3T+Pro Ultrasonic Leak Detector
    • Built in Camera
    • Headphones with volume from 0 to 10
    • A charger for NEW Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
    • A USB cable
    • A reinforced ABS transport case