King Tester Portable Brinell Tester (KING-BRINELL)

    King Tester Portable Brinell Tester

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    King Portable Brinell Hardness Testers are lightweight, easy-to-maneuver, and require only one operator, making them ideal for use as portable or bench units. These durable and accruate testers are versatile enough to test virtually any size and shape of metal specimen.

    The tester applies 0-3000 kg loads on a 10 mm ball, making a lasting impression, which is available for re-reading at any time. A bypass valve is automatically activated at the calibrated load, eliminating the chance of overloading. The impression is then read and recorded by the operator using a Brinell microscope such as the 20X Deep-Reading microscope or available computer-based measurement system. The King Portable Brinell meets all international standards for Brinell testing, including ASTM E-10, ASTM E110, ISO 17025, British standard #240, part 2, sect. 1, and JIS standards, and is calibrated to 1/2 of 1% of load on equipment traceable to NIST standards.

    Vertical capacity 342mm/ 13.5in, 100mm / 4in horizontal - Quality Bourdon-type pressure guage which indicates true load exerted by pump.

    • All stainless steel test head which resists rust and corrosion
    • Alloy steel-threaded posts which wear longer and resist distortion
    • Smooth-working gear train for easy and positive adjustment exerted by pump


    • Can be used in virtually any position; right side up, upside down, or even sideways.
    • Portable so either the part can be moved to the tester or you can take the tester to the part.
    • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
    • Fully interchangeable with multiple bases.
    • Only one operator required.
    • Flat, dome and “V” anvils supplied as standard equipment.
    • Tungsten carbide ball certified for density and roundness.
    • Stroke limiter for reduced operator error and provides consistent performance between operators.
    • One-year Limited Warranty.
    • Calibration and service plans available.


    • Operation Method/Principle: Brinell (Tungsten Carbide ball with amanual hydraulic applied load)
    • Certifications/Standards ASTM E-10, ASTM E-110, ISO 17025
    • Calibrated with traceability to NIST
    • Has a 360° orientation and is self-aligning
    • Dimensions & Weight 23.5” x 11” x 12”; 38 lbs.
    • Scales HB30, HB15
    • Loads 3000 kgf, 1500 kgf
    • Load Application Manual
    • Tester Base Capacity 4” horizontal reach and 13.5” vertical (larger bases available)
    • Permanent impression can be checked and rechecked
    • Manufactured to the most exacting tolerances ensuring consistent, repeatable results

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