Gould-Bass Custom Designed Carousels (GB-CUSTOM-CAROUSEL)

    Gould-Bass Custom Designed Carousels

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    Gould-Bass Custom Designed Carousels are completely enclosed, fully automated, rotary path processing systems ideally suited for liquid penetrant and general chemical processing. The model needed is determined by component size, with 5', 8', 12', and 18' configurations available. Custom Carousels are used in many applications in the industrial, automotive, aerospace, and marine fields.

    Custom Carousel systems are designed with furnished fixtures to automatically process components through a choice between two levels of post-emulsifiable penetrant processes. Cycle time will vary based on the penetrant process type and the penetrant contact time required.

    Efficiently Designed

    With a program selected, the part is placed in the fixture on the load station. This is automatically conveyed to the Carousel load station via a “0” pressure zone conveyor, two and three directional roller conveyors and a reversing drive conveyor.  The fixture is then raised and transported by the Carousel integral ring conveyor system through the various processing stations. After processing, the fixture arrives at the unload station where it is conveyed out of the Carousel onto the “0” pressure zone exit conveyor and transported up to the inspection booths.

    The Custom Carousel incorporates an integral, pneumatically powered rotating ring conveyor with dedicated lift/lower devices capable of vertical and rotational motion with respect to horizontal. A variety of components can be processed sequentially in thanks to the independent motion of each device.

    Lift/Lower devices and the conveyor system are interlocked to prevent damage in case of loss of air supply.


    • Fully automated
    • Fully enclosed
    • 5', 8', 12', and 18' configurations
    • 2 levels of post-emulsifiable penetrant processes
    • Pneumatically powered rotating ring conveyor
    • Lift devices with independent motion
    • Interlocked conveyor system and lift devices to prevent damage