Echo Ultrasonics Forever Wedge Couplant (FW-02)

    Echo Ultrasonics Forever Wedge Couplant
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    The Echo Ultrasonic Forever Wedge Couplant is a high viscosity fluid for phased array and angle beam wedge attachments and coupling delay lines.

    This reliable and long-term couplant will stay in place for months or years and is resistant to water, heart, and light. Despite its durability, the FW-02 is easy to remove. Overall, the coupling of wedges to transducers is an essential technology to ensure reproducible results and to reduce recoupling probes to wedges during an inspection.


    • Non-drying – lasts for years
    • Very high viscosity – stays in place
    • Easily removed – does not harden
    • Impervious to water
    • Won’t dissolve or leach
    • Non-toxic


    • Operating Range: -50˚ to 700˚F (-45˚ to 371˚C)
    • Auto-ignition Temperature: 850˚F (454˚C)
    • Sound Velocity: 4900 ft/second (1494m/sec)
    • Viscosity: 5,000 cST
    • 2-oz. / 59 ml tube