Mahr Digimar 816 CL Height Gage (DIGIMAR-816-CL)

    Mahr Digimar 816 CL Height Gage
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    The Digimar 816 CL Height Gage is a reliable unit with a dual reader head and optical incremental measuring system. The Digimar 816 is ideal for use in the workshop and the floor. The backlit LCD display ensures that measurements are clearly seen in dim conditions. Users can set additional zero points and store up to 99 measured values.

    Two models are availabe to best fit your inspection needs. Both models have an adjustable resolution of 0.01mm or 0.001mm (00001" or 0.00005") and a measuring error limit of (2.8 + L/300) L in mm. Options in measuring range are 0-350mm (0-14") or 0-600mm (0-24").


    • Easy-to-read backlit graphic LCD display
    • Clear function keys
    • Language-neutral operator guidance with self-explanatory symbols
    • Set additional zero points
    • Store up to 99 measured values


    Model 4429030 4429031
    Measuring Range 0-350mm (0-14") 0-600mm (0-24")
    Resolution 0.001mm/0.01mm
    Error Limit (2.8+L/300) L in mm
    Repeatability Bores 3 µm
    Repeatability Plane 2 µm
    Perpendicularity error in µm 15 µm 20 µm
    Measuring force (N) 1.0 +/- 0.2 N
    Product Weight 25 kg 30 kg
    Standard Factory Standard
    Data Interface Opto RS-232C / USB / wireless

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