ACS Solutions PenGauge Pocket Thickness Gauge (A1207)

    ACS Solutions PenGauge Pocket Thickness Gauge
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    A portable thickness gauge is made into a one-piece case with a removable tip having a built-in changeable wearproof double-crystal transducer with operating frequency of 4 MHz. An additional single crystal transducer can be added. Small diameter of the working surface of the transducer allows testing of corroded surfaces objects with the minimum radius of curvature from 10 mm.

    Hot-pluggable built-in transducer can be easily replaced by the user by means of unscrewing the tip and detaching the transducer capsule from the instrument without extra tools.



    •Thickness measurement range (for steel) from 0.8 to 100.0 mm

    •Type and frequency of the changeable transducer single crystal, 4 MHz

    •Diameter of the working surface of the transducer 8 mm

    •Discreteness of measurements representation 0.1, 0.01 mm

    •Basic measurement accuracy for thickness X, not more: ± (0.005Х + 0.1) mm

    •Measurement units mm, inches Range of ultrasonic velocity from 1 000 to 9 000 m/s

    •Discreteness of velocity tuning 1 m/s

    •Display type LCD

    •Power built-in LiPol rechargeable battery

    •Period of continuous operation of the instrument at positive temperatures 16 hours

    •Operating temperature range from -30 to +50 ˚С

    •Overall dimensions 125 х 25 х 15 mm

    •Weight 40 g

    Additional Info

    Package Includes

    • PenGauge – ultrasonic thickness gauge
    • Single Element Probe
    • Power adapter 220 V – USB
    • USB A – Micro B cable • Calibration sample
    • Dedicated software application allows viewing the digital measurement results and A-Scans of the signals for the Android devices.
    • Calibration Sample
    • Case
    • ISO 17025 Certificate of Calibration