Wilson Rockwell Manual XY Stage, 6" X 6" - 1" Travel (900091555)

    Wilson Rockwell Manual XY Stage, 6

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    The Wilson Rockwell Manual X - Y Stage is a high precision device which combines the proven dimensional stability and reliability of our ball slides with micrometer adjustment in both planes. The stage is constructed of high strength black anodized aluminum, with balls and ways of tool steel hardened to Rockwell C 60 - 64. Backlash is eliminated by internal bias springs which preload a hardened ball on the table against the micrometers. Wilson Rockwell Manual X - Y Stages use the same unique three-piece design found in larger, motor driven X - Y stages. This monolithic design machines-in orthogonality and provides a very low overall profile. Vertical runout (flatness) and horizontal runout (straightness) are held to .0001 per inch of travel on these stages, and orthogonality of the X and Y axes is maintained at 30 arc seconds or less. The standard inch readings micrometers allow direct readings to .001 and visual estimation to ~.0002. The Wilson Rockwell Manual X - Y stage is used for applications such as case hardness depth testing and is built to withstand loads up to 150 kgf. X - Y Stages can be mounted to the elevating screw on most Wilson Rockwell testers as well as the base mount of the Series 2000 testers.

    - Table size: 150mm / 6in x 150mm / 6in

    - Total range of travel: 25mm / 1in