Chemetall Supramor 4 Black - 10 Can Aerosol Case (50559044)

    Chemetall Supramor 4 Black - 10 Can Aerosol Case

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    Supramor 4 Black consists of very finely divided black magnetic particles suspended in high flash point odourless kerosene designed to provide good particle mobility. The black particles have been selected for their high magnetic response, low coercivity (to avoid coagulation) and prolonged operational life.

    Typical Properties (not a specification):

    • Density : 0.8 at 15°C
    • Viscosity : < 3 cst. At 40°C
    • Flash Point : > 95°C
    • Settlement : 2.25-3.0 (after 1 hour)


      Supramor 4 Black is used extensively where colour contrast magnetic particle inspection techniques are specified in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries for the inspection of welds in fabrications, structures, pressure vessels and pipelines. Supramor 4 Black is supplied primarily in aerosol form for convenience and also the fact that new material is used for each inspection. It is essential that aerosols are shaken well before use to ensure that the magnetic particles are evenly distributed in the carrier fluid.

      Due to shipping regulations, aerosols must ship via ground delivery.