Chemetall Lumor® J40(W) 1 Gallon Container (50553753)

    Chemetall Lumor® J40(W) 1 Gallon Container

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    Lumor J(W) is a dry powder concentrate which is dissolved directly in water to give an aqueous fluorescent magnetic ink which is ideal for the inspection of ferromagnetic materials, structures and components by the magnetic particle inspection technique. Lumor J(W) incorporates a water treatment system which suspends the magnetic particles and enables the product to wet the surface being tested and also includes corrosion inhibitors to provide protection against corrosion of parts during and after testing. Lumor J(W) is used extensively in the automotive industry for the detection of grinding or heat treatment cracks as well as forging bursts, laps, porosity, inclusions and other discontinuities. Indications appear brilliant yellow –green when viewed under UVA (Black Light) of peak wavelength of 365nm. Individual specifications may vary, but normal minimum viewing intensity is 1200μwatts / sq. cm. at a distance of 15-18 inches from the component surface.

    Typical Properties:

    • Appearance : Light brown powder
    • pH of working solution : < 9
    • Mean particle size : 5 micron
    • Settlement : 0.1 – 0.3 (prepared bath)