Danatronics Fore Eyes 2020 Hand-Held Digital Pocket Video Recorder (2020-NA)

    Danatronics Fore Eyes 2020 Hand-Held Digital Pocket Video Recorder

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    The ForeEyes2020 combines a pocket digital video recorder, complete with a 3.5” color display, and a whopping 20 GB (expandable to 80 GB) built in hard drive, which connects to the waterproof ccd camera on the SnakeEye and the SnakeEye's accessories and other borescopes via a video in. The ForeEyes 2020 allows the user to plug in the SnakeEye camera, wand and cable, turn on the lights with variable adjustability and interface with the pocket video recorder. The product weighs less than 2 lbs (.9Kg) and comes with a chess harness with display protecting foldable sunshade (Three or two sided for access to the keypads). The operator can quickly and easily view, play back and record all their inspections, with up to 4 hours of battery life!!!!!.

    Best of all, the operator now has one hand free. The Pouch also collapses against the chest when climbing ladders. Also included is a microphone on the unit as well as a jack for the use of an external microphone in a loud environment. Files can be downloaded as .avi with sound to your computer to archive the files and create snap shots on the p.c. Since the ForeEyes 2020 will have a video interface, it is possible to connect with other borescopes and heads up displays and external monitors.