Mitutoyo SURFTEST SJ-310, .75mN - Standard Drive (178-571-11A)

    Mitutoyo SURFTEST SJ-310, .75mN - Standard Drive
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    This new model replaces the already successful SJ-301 unit. Numerous innovative features combined with high accuracy and a competitive price makes this instrument the new leader in its class.



    • Large 5.7" color LCD with touch screen improves operability and achieves high visibility.
    • Conforms to the roughness standards JIS-B0601-2001, JIS-B0601-1994, JIS-B0601-1982, VDA, ISO-1997 and ANSI.
    • After measurement is performed, waveform is displayed with scale and ruler options for detailed analysis.
    • Blueprint design code can be entered directly to easily set the complex evaluation conditions.
    • Statistic measurements up to 3 parameters of 300 samples can be performed showing average, standard deviation, max, min, pass rate and histogram.
    • Up to ten measurement conditions and the stored data can be called out and displayed and printed out by the built-in thermal printer. It can store up to 10 measuring conditions in its built-in memory.
    • The SJ-310 supports a micro-SD card (option) for storage of up to 10,000 text data, 500 measuring conditions, 1000 measuring data, 500 image (BMP) data, 500 statistic data or auto save up to the last 10 measuring data.
    • The total measurement and sectional measurement results can be displayed as well as the evaluation curve, BAC/ADC curve. The display unit supports all three types of Standard, S-Drive and R-Drive units.
    • USB, Digimatic SPC output, RS-232C and External SW connectivity is supported.
    • Security is managed via a password lock to restrict function changes and unnecessary settings that could cause operation errors.
    • 16 languages can be selected and are switchable.


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