GE UltraDAT Hardness Testing Software (083-035-549)

    GE UltraDAT Hardness Testing Software

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    This product has been discontinued.

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    For use with GEIT Mic20 and TIV Portable Hardness Testers

    Custom application software…is part of the program. The UltraDAT software, which was especially developed for our mobile hardness testers TIV and MIC 20, extends the function range of these instruments with regard to documentation and data management - which makes your daily test operations much easier. You want to print out test reports for documentation purposes: no problem since UltraDAT makes the creation of test reports really easy for you. The test series are exported to one of the predefined Excel templates and saved as Excel files, after which they can be further edited or printed out.

    Required accessories

    • PC with 128 MB RAM 
    • 40 MB free memory capacity,
    • 3.5“floppy disk drive,
    • CD-ROM drive,
    • SVGA graphics card,
    • Ethernet card with RJ45 connection
    • Operating system Window 98/NT/2000
    • MS Excel 97 or MS Excel 2000
    • Data transmission cable from the instrument to the PC