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    The USD 15 is a single channel systems level ultrasonic instrument available in several configurations to meet specific testing needs.


    • General immersion flaw and thickness testing
    • Forging inspection
    • Billet inspection
    • Composite inspection
    • Roll testing

     Base Instrument Package :

    • Operating Manual 
    • Certificate of Conformity 
    • Power Cord

    Recommended Accessories:

    • UDFW UltraDoc WindowsTM Documentation Software 
    • UD20 Computer Cable, 25 to 9 Pin 
    • UD19-1 Printer Cable (Epson), Adapter Required 
    • DB 9/25 DB9 to DB25 Serial Adapter 
    • UD160 NiCAD Battery Pack 
    • USD15-CB Fabric Carry Bag 
    • ROC450 Recorder Output Cable (Gates "A" and "B") 
    • OP-15 Operation Manual 
    • SM-15 Service Manual 
    • I/O-37 Interface Cable (Unterminated at one end)

    Optional Accessories:

    • UDI50 Battery Charger (External) Requires UD153 UD153 Battery Holder 
    • NBD Batteries "D" Size NiCAD’s (12)(cannot be charged internally, external only) 
    • KA314 Aluminum Carrying /Shipping Case


    • 280 Data Set Memory, Including A-Scan Storage 
    • 8 Frequency Selections Including Broadband (.5-20 MHz Bandpass)
    • 3 Bar Display Monitor Gates Plus Interface Echo Gate Start
    • 40 dB Dynamic Range Distance Amplitude Correction, Curved Gate
    • Bar and Time Corrected Gain
    • Digital Distance and Amplitude Measurement to all Gates
    • Trigonometric Flaw Location
    • Analog Output 0 to 5 Volt (with Selectable DC Offset) Proportioned to Distance and Amplitude (Selectable in Each Gate)
    • Selectable Pulse Repetition Frequency to12 KHz (in 50 Hz Increments)
    • Selectable Pulser Power
    • Damping Selectable in Discrete Steps
    • RF Display Plus Positive and Negative Halfwaves and Fullwave Selectable High Resolution 320 x 256 Pixel Electroluminescent Display
    • RS232 Bi-directional Printer/Computer Interface to 19200 Baud
    • Auto Recognition 90 Volt to 220 V 50/60 Cycle AC Operation
    • Integral Charger for UD160 Battery Pack
    • Master Slave Operation
    • Externally Clockable
    • Single 37 Pin Output Connector for all Gate & Timing Signals (Custom Output Connection Cables Available)*;
    • Composite Video Output (60 Hz NTSC and 50 Hz PAL)
    • Oscilloscope Compatible RF Output
    • High Speed Data PC Link (Requires Optional Computer Card)


    Calibration Ranges0.1 - 390" at .2330"/ms 2.5 - 9999 mm at 6000 m/s fixed test ranges are pre-selectable
    Sound Velocity Ranges1000 - 9999 m/s selectable in steps of 1 m/s, 2 sound velocities are freely programmable
    Pulse Shift-20 to 1600 s corresponding to a time of flight or 4440 mm steel (long)
    Pulse Strength Switchable charging capacitors:220 pF, 1000 pF, 2000 pF
    Frequency Ranges0.3 - 20 MHz (-3 dB drop)
    0.2 - 35 MHz (-20 dB drop)
    1 wide band range
    6 narrow band ranges
    4 MHz range according to DIN 25450
    Pulse Repetition FrequencyUp to 8 KHz, dependent on the display and gate range or manually adjustable in steps of 50 Hz
    External trigger is possible, for increased PRF
    Gain 110 dB, adjustable in steps of 0.5/ 1 / 2 / 6 / 24 dB
    (the 24 dB step is programmable in 0.5 dB steps between 6.5 and 24 dB)
    RectificationFull-wave, positive half wave, negative half wave, RF presentation
    DAC DAC Function (Distance Amplitude Correction) Recording with a max. of 20 support points (reference reflectors), dynamic range 40 dB, maximum slope 6 dB/s.
    Selectable TCG (Time Corrected Gain) or CGB (Curved Gate Bar)
    Gate Monitor 3 independent bar display monitor gates, including echo start gate in the bar mode.
    Start of 0 to 390" (0 to 9999mm)
    Width .004 to 390" (0.1 to 9999 mm)
    Threshold of 10 - 90%
    Noise suppression via selectable gate occurrence counter
    Time of Flight MeasurementSelectable flank or peak evaluation, e.g. thickness measurement between:
    - initial pulse and signal in Gates A or B
    - initial pulse and signal in the echo start gate (interface echo) with separate sound velocity for the delay path
    - signal in the echo start gate and signal in Gates A or B
    - trigonometric flaw location measurement
    Resolution with Single-Shot Evaluation.004 (0.1 mm) in steel
    RS232C interface with up to 19200 baud
    Selectable video output: 50 Hz (CCIR) or 60 Hz (NTSC)
    RF output
    Serial LINK interface (10 MBit/s) for transfer of 16 bit time of flight for each gate and 8 bit amplitude value for each gate with the pulse repetition frequency
    220 Byte A-Scan information with display refresh frequency
    Analog real-time output for time of flight or amplitude per gate from shot-to-shot
    Data not valid (validity of outputs)
    Gate alarms (TTL and switching output)
    Inputs External trigger, test data release, alarm reset, data set recall
    Language Selection English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
    Power Modes Integrated power/charger unit or battery operation with 12 D-cells IECR 20 (AIMg) or with NiCAD's (KF35/62) with 4.5 Ah up to 5 hrs.
    Main Power 90 - 264 V, 47 - 63 Hz
    Power Consumption Max. 30 W
    Operating Temperature -5C to +55C
    Dimensions (H x W x D)
    9.3 X 5.43" x 12.5"
    (238 mm x 138 mm x 319 mm)
    Weight (portable)12.32 lbs. (5.6 kg) without batteries
    15.84 lbs. (7.2 kg) with batteries

    Additional Info

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