GE UltraHARD Lite Hardness Testing Software (081-135-178)

    GE UltraHARD Lite Hardness Testing Software

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    This product has been discontinued.

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    For use with GEIT Mic10DL and Dynamic DL Portable Hardness Testers

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    UltraHARD Light is a basic easy-to-use WindowsÔ software program that simplifies the transfer, storage, and documentation of data from our line of portable hardness testers.  With UltraHARD Light you can easily create hardness test reports through printouts or by exporting into a custom MS Excel template.



    • Template Wizard for custom reports
    • Export reports direct to MS Excel
    • Fast report printouts
    • Database for simple and systematic data storage
    • Download instrument data files to a PC
    • Instrument “Auto-Connect”
    • Extensive on-line HELP
    • Automated Install Program

    System Requirements:

    • IBM PC with 8 MB Ram,
    • 10MB free hard disk memory,
    • VGA graphics card and requires simultaneous operation of CD-ROM and 3˝ inch Floppy Drive for installation
    • Windows™95/98/NT Operating System