GE Vector 2d Eddy Current Dual Frequency Flaw Detector (072-101-024)

    GE Vector 2d Eddy Current Dual Frequency Flaw Detector



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    Vector 2d is a single channel dual frequency eddy current instrument with one sensor input. Encircling, rotating, and probe type sensors can be connected.  It is intended for installation in automated or semi-automated testing lines for crack detection, heat treat verification, and feature detection.   It is also an ideal instrument for bench-top and laboratory use.

    Products Features

    • Single probe, dual frequency instrument
    • Separate alarm outputs for each test frequency
    • Configurable probe connections (bridge, reflection, absolute)
    • Supports rotating probe drives
    • Wide range of filtering for dynamic applications
    • Flexible I/O interface for connection to process controllers (PLCs)
    • Multi-lingual user interface
    • Internal storage of settings and signal traces
    • Supervisor PC software for transfer of test settings and results to a PC


    • Detection of surface cracks in manufactured components
    • Heat treat sorting with encircling coils or probes
    • Surface inspection of non-ferrous bar, wire, and tubing using encircling coils
    • Surface inspection of rotating ferrous or non-ferrous bars and tubes using fixed probes
    • Inspection of the weld zone of ferrous and non-ferrous welded tubes using fixed probes
    • Inspection of boreholes or flat surfaces using rotating probes
    • Thread detection and other test piece feature detection applications
    • Rail inspection

    Vector 2d Base Instrument Includes:**

    • Industrial Benchtop Housing
    • AC Power Supply
    • Operating Manual
    • Certificate Of Conformity
    • **No Deletions to Above